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Which two SAN designs appropriate to support large-scale SAN environments? (Choose two)
A. Edge-core-edge design
B. Fibre Channel forwarder
C. Split fabric design
D. Core-edge design
E. Dual fabric design
Correct Answer: AD

The network administrator of a branch office network has decided to deploy Unicast RPF at the access layer.
He insists that the design must guarantee that all the packets arriving on the router interfaces are assigned to the same
interface subnet.
Which mode of Unicast RPF would you recommend as the lead network designer?
A. uRPF strict mode
B. uRPF loose mode
C. uRPF VRF mode
D. RPF feasible mode
Correct Answer: A

Which option forces traffic to take an explicit route across a backbone network?
A. IGP cost
B. TE metric
C. TE affinity
D. multiple IGPs
Correct Answer: B

You are designing the QoS features for a large enterprise network that includes DMVPN. When would you need to
configure QoS preclassify?
A. when you are marking packets with the DSCP bits
B. when you are marking packets with the TOS bits
C. when your service provider requires the DSCP bits be set
D. when the QoS policy cannot be based on DSCP ToS bits
Correct Answer: D

Enterprises A and B agree to merge, but keep IGP and BGP independent of each other. They are served by a common
ISP for their Internet connectivity. During the merge, A and B will provision a point-to-point link between the two
networks. What is the simplest design option that will allow data to travel between A and B without passing through the
A. configure OSPF and make OSPF routes more attractive than the same routes learned via EBGP from the ISP
B. configure OSPF and make OSPF routes less attractive than the same routes learned via EBGP from the ISP
C. configure EBGP between the two networks and block each other\\’s routes from the ISP
D. configure iBGP between the two networks and block each others route\\’s from the ISP
E. configure OSPF between the two networks and block each others route\\’s from the ISP
Correct Answer: C

Which two practices should you implement to increase SNMPv1 security? (Choose two.)
A. Restrict access to the specific SNMP engine IDs in use.
B. Use ACLs to allow only specific IP addresses to poll SNMP.
C. Use a combination of alphanumeric characters for the community strings.
D. Use SNMP encryption for transport confidentiality.
Correct Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit.
Pass4itsure 352-001 exam questions-q7

A service provider using IS-IS has designed this network with all core links at the Layer 2 control plane. How will they
adjust the design to reduce the flooding of update packets?
A. Change the area type of the links to be level-1-2 to allow level-1 updates.
B. Change the network type of the links from broadcast to point-to-point.
C. Use IS-IS mesh groups.
D. Configure SPF timers to be more aggressive so that updates are more quickly cleared from the queue.
Correct Answer: C

Which resource will be targeted by a TCP SYN flood attack?
A. connection tables on the target host
B. send buffers on transit routers
C. SYN cookies on the target host
D. shared memory on the routers closest to the target
Correct Answer: A

A DMVPN network is being deployed for 10 branch sites to connect to the central headquarters over the Internet. Each
branch site connects to the internet via a 1.5 Mb/s ADSL line, and the headquarters connects to the Internet over a
100Mb/s circuit limited to 20 Mb/s by the service provider.
Which QoS mechanism if any, do you recommend at the headquarters location?
A. Rate-limiting the 100 Mb/s circuit to 20 Mb/s
B. Applying hierarchical QoS with parent policy for the overall circuit and child policy for the spokes
C. Traffic shaping the 100 Mb/s circuit to 20 Mb/s
D. QoS is not required in this instance due to maximum traffic being received by the branches being 15 Mb/s
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure 352-001 exam questions-q10

Acme Corporation hired you as a network designer to upgrade their network so that it supports IPv4 and IPv6 multicast.
Which two protocols are needed on the LAN switch? (Choose two.)
A. PIM sparse mode
B. IGMP snooping
C. PIM snooping
D. Source Specific Multicast
E. MLD snooping
Correct Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure 352-001 exam questions-q11

On this MPLS-based network ring, links have failed between router A and router failures formed microloops while the
network converged, when A forwarded traffic to B but B forwards it back to A.
Which technology is the simplest solution to avoid microloops without enabling a new protocol in the network?
A. TE Fast ReRoute
B. IP Fast ReRoute
C. Loop-Free Alternate
D. Remote Loop-Free Alternate
Correct Answer: D

You are designing a large-scale DMVPN network with more than 500 spokes using EIGRP as the IGP protocol.
Which design option eliminates potential tunnel down events on the spoke routers due to the holding time expiration?
A. Increase the hold queue on the tunnel interface of the spoke routers.
B. Increase the hold queue on the physical interface of the spoke routers.
C. Increase the hold queue on the physical interface of the hub router.
D. Increase the hold queue on the tunnel interface of the hub router.
E. Apply QoS for pak_priority class.
Correct Answer: D

What statement is true about designing a policy in which more than one class share a queue?
A. It must be avoided under all circumstances.
B. It will result in a negative class.
C. It requires consideration of the performance targets of classes sharing the queue.
D. It should be deployed throughout the network to simplify the design.
Correct Answer: C

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FAQs – 352-001 exam

Who should take this exam?

Cisco CCDE written exam will validate that professionals have the expertise to gather and clarify network functional requirements, develop network designs to meet functional specifications, develop an implementation plan, convey design decisions and their rationale, and possess expert-level network infrastructure knowledge.

What will I learn?

What are the key content?

  1. Layer 2 Control Plane 24%
  2. Layer 3 Control Plane 33%
  3. Network Virtualization 15%
  4. Design Considerations 18%
  5. Evolving Technologies v1.1 10%

352-001 exam Have any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites and they are open to everyone.

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