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Which topic string is NOT valid for a subscribing application to get all messages about fresh fruit if a topic tree exists with the following topic hierarchy: deli/fresh; deli/fresh/fruit; deli/tinned/nuts; deli/tinned/meat?
A. deli
B. deli/+/fruit
C. deli/fresh/fruit
D. deli/#
Answer: A

What is required for WebSphere MQ v7 to support publish-subscribe messaging?
A. A queue manager
B. A publish-subscribe broker that has the same name as the queue manager
C. A separate broker process that is associated with each queue manager
D. A SupportPac is available to provide publish-subscribe functionality
Answer: A

Which of the following is NOT a channel connection enhancement new in WebSphere MQ v7?
A. MQI channel connections can be shared
B. SSL encryption for each MQI Channel connection
C. Read-ahead for non-persistent messages
D. Automatic client reconnection
Answer: B


What is the name of the MQMD field that a message producer uses to ensure that no consumers receive a message after a message has been on a destination queue for a specified period of time?
A. Timeout
B. Expiry
C. TimeToLive
D. MaxAge
Answer: B

In order to write messages to a queue what operation must be done first?
A. Connect to the queue
B. Verify queue is empty
C. Set the queue to read/write mode
D. Open the queue

Answer: D
In order to run MQv7 on a distributed platform with earlier versions of WebSphere MQ running on the same physical server, what must you do?
A. This configuration is not allowed.
B. Install MQv7 into a different directory than previous versions.
C. Map listeners to different ports.
D. Both B and C.
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 7

Which of the following is NOT a WebSphere MQ v7 installable component?
A. WebSphere MQ Broker
B. WebSphere MQ Server
C. WebSphere MQ Explorer
D. WebSphere MQ Client

Answer: A
If a .NET program using WebSphere MQ wishes to communicate with a Java program using WebSphere MQ, which of the following is NOT true?
A. The Java program can use the WebSphere MQ classes for Java.
B. The .NET program can use the WebSphere MQ classes for .NET.
C. The Java program can use the WebSphere MQ classes for JMS.
D. The .NET program can use the WebSphere MQ classes for NMS.
Answer: D

Which statement is NOT true regarding WebSphere MQ transport for SOAP?
A. Integrates with WebSphere MQ infrastructure
B. Provides an alternative transport to HTTP
C. Allows WebSphere MQ to verify the SOAP message
D. Supports load balancing through WebSphere MQ clustering
Answer: C

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