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Exam Code: 70-696
Exam Name: Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps
Updated: Aug 02, 2017
Q&As: 86

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70-696 dumps

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You need to get a project and its budget approved by your board, which of these options would be
the most appropriate action to take?
A. Ensure that all stakeholders are sent regular operational reports about the project
B. Organize a conference for board members to discuss the project in detail
C. Build a business-based project plan to present to senior management
D. Write a full report on your opinion of the project and those responsible
70-696 exam 
Answer: C
Which of these answers would NOT be a suitable area to include in your service ethics code of
A. A list of expected behaviour to ensure that all Service Desk employees understand what the
organisation expects of them
B. Standards of moral and ethical behaviour
C. How to manage risk on behalf of the organisation
D. Specific techniques for dealing with difficult business partners
Answer: D
Which option best describes the expectations of the Service Desk’s users?
A. They have confidence that the Service Desk is in control of their Incident or Service Request
when speaking to a senior team member
B. Their incident is professionally managed and they receive consistent and courteous service
C. Their Incidents are resolved very quickly and they are periodically informed of progress
D. They are provided with good decision data and feedback on all their Incidents
70-696 dumps Answer: B
You have recently been promoted to Service Desk Manager and you are keen to show how much
you wish to succeed in this role. Which statement best describes some of the skills that will help
you to succeed?
A. Excellent influencing skills, exemplary debating and creative writing skills
B. A University Degree in Computer Sciences and strong negotiating skills
C. Strong team building skills, excellent people-management and communication skills
D. Time management skills excellent technical and analytical skills
Answer: C
As a Service Desk Manager, which option best describes one of your key obligations?
A. Writing and agreeing SLAs
B. Developing Problem Management across IT
C. Aligning Service Desk goals with those of the organisation
D. Ensuring that staff welfare takes overall priority
70-696 pdf 
Answer: C
Why is it important to integrate business and IT objectives?
A. To ensure that IT works towards the same goals as the business
B. To ensure that the development of IT services is in line with current industry best practice
C. To give the business confidence in the IT services function
D. To allow IT to be effectively built into every business area
Answer: A
Which option best describes strategic awareness? Strategic awareness is…
A. Understanding how IT services contribute to meeting organisational goals
B. Understanding the intention of the tactical plans of the organisation
C. Understanding how to acquire knowledge of the organisations operational plans
D. Understanding the day-to-day goals and objectives of the organisation
70-696 vce 
Answer: A
How can you best demonstrate understanding of your Service Desks strategic responsibilities?
A. Understand what activities your Service Desk should undertake to support the organizations
strategic plans
B. Advise senior management about your strategic management skills and experience
C. Provide detailed analyses of the Service Desks activities for the previous year
D. Provide strategic plans that detail the role of the Service Desk and how it can be utilised to
manage all IT Service operations
Answer: A
You want to develop your career and position within the organisation, what steps could you take to
improve your profile and influence?
A. Take the initiative in all business decisions
B. Display your acumen through strong judgement and decision making
C. Always ensure that your opinion is heard at meetings
D. Delegate as much of your work as possible
70-696 exam 
Answer: B
Which of these options is NOT an objective of financial management?
A. To ensure that the annual budget for the IT organisation is always reduced
B. To align IT service costs to business processes
C. To support the customer and the business by delivering value for money
D. To understand the cost of providing IT services
Answer: A
Which of these options is a financial management activity?
A. Showing how calculating user and customer billing demonstrates value for money
B. Delivering clear benefits from IT services over a one-year period
C. Accounting for fixed and variable losses in specific problem situations
D. Understanding how to calculate unit costs for the delivery of service
70-696 dumps 
Answer: D
You have been informed that a company merger is planned which will potentially increase the
number of supported users by 15 percent. Why is it important for you to understand the
commercial management of the Service Desk?
A. To reduce Service Desk costs for the new business situation
B. To determine the impact of proposed services on the IT organisation
C. To produce regular progress reports on the results of the integration
D. To manage the professional development of the Service Desk people
Answer: B
Which option is the best description of Return on Investment (ROI)?
A. It is a method used to calculate the expected lifecycle of a product
B. It is an assessment of costs and profits
C. It is an assessment of costs and benefits
D. It is a method used to determine the percentage of profit to be reinvested
70-696 pdf 
Answer: C
You need to write a business case for your new ITSM software system; which key element is it
appropriate to include?
A. A clear list of potential savings
B. The impact on board members of not buying the software
C. An ROI report on the technical and operational benefits
D. A specification for a CMDB
Answer: A
Which option best describes a purpose of Organisational Change Management?
A. To minimise the risk and interruption to users and services
B. To understand the impact of every change to IT services
C. To ensure that processes and procedures are kept constantly in alignment
D. To prevent abuse of the Change Management process by rogue emergency changes
70-696 vce 
Answer: A
Which of these options best describes the benefits of using an Organisational Change
Management process?
A. It reduces risk and the cost of implementing individual Changes
B. It removes risk and involves stakeholders in the implementation of Changes
C. It improves the organisations performance and service delivery management Information
D. It reduces the adverse impact of Changes and ensures that only approved Changes are
Answer: D

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