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Your business requires data synchronization between one client (source client) in an AS ABAP- based SAP system (source system) and three different clients (target clients) in a second AS ABAP- based SAP system (target system).
How do you implement this requirement using RFC technology?
A. Define three RFC connections to the source client in the target system.
B. Define one broadcast RFC connection of type “M” (multiple targets) to the target system in the source system.
C. Define three RFC connections to the target clients in the source system.
D. Define RFC connections between the three clients in the target system.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 27
You have established a backup strategy using online backups. You would like to restore your database to an earlier point in time, well AFTER the last online backup.
Which files are needed for this point in time recovery?
A. All data files, the control file, and the database parameter file
B. All offline redo log files, the control file, and the Oracle executables
C. Online redo log files and the control file
D. All data files, the control file, and all redo logs written during and since the last online backup
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28
You have established a Central User Administration (CUA) in AS ABAP.
What user related data can be distributed from the central to the child systems? (Choose three)

A. The Information which user master records should exist in which child system
B. Assignment of roles
C. Favorites in SAP Easy Access
D. Definition of roles
E. Initial passwords
Correct Answer: ABE QUESTION 29
You are experiencing issues during the startup of an AS ABAP-based SAP system. The work processes of the central instance do not start successfully.
What do you use for analyzing the problem?
A. The file “TRACE” in the log directory of the central instance
B. Developer traces in the work directory of the central instance
C. tp systemlog in the trans\log directory
D. The file “defaultTrace.0.trc” in the directory j2ee\cluster\dispatcher\log of the central instance
Correct Answer: B
In an AS ABAP+Java system, the SAP Web Dispatcher communicates with which of the following?
A. The AS ABAP message server
B. The AS Java central service instance
C. The AS Java message server
D. Both the AS ABAP and the AS Java message server
Correct Answer: A
Who participates in SAP Ramp-Up programs?
A. Customers who applied and were accepted for participation
B. All SAP partners and internal SAP departments
C. Only internal SAP departments
D. All customers with SAP Enterprise Support
Correct Answer: A
For which purposes can property variants in CCMS monitoring be used? (Choose three)
A. To enable cross-system monitoring
B. To transport sets of threshold values from one SAP system to another SAP system
C. To allow users to use different sets of threshold values at the same time
D. To switch between different sets of threshold values triggered by a switch of the operation mode
E. As containers for threshold values
Correct Answer: BDE
SAP provides a vast range of software for companies of all sizes. Which of the following are SAP offerings? (Choose three)
A. SAP Business ByDesign
B. SAP Business ByEvolution
C. SAP Business Suite
D. SAP Business All-in-One
E. SAP Business End-to-End
Correct Answer: ACD
What can you schedule with transaction SM36 (Define Background Job) as a step within a background job in AS ABAP-based SAP systems? (Choose three)
A. External programs
B. ABAP transactions
C. Function modules
D. Executable ABAP programs
E. External commands
Correct Answer: ADE QUESTION 35
An SAP system’s Oracle database has four online redo logs, also known as database transaction logs. Each online redo log has a mirrored copy.
What is the effect of a log file switch?
A. The ARCH process is triggered to write the current online redo log to its mirrored copy. The next online redo log is opened for writing.
B. The database switches between writing to the original redo log files and the mirrored redo log files.
C. The current online redo log is closed and the next online redo log is opened for writing. The ARCH process is triggered to begin backing up the recently closed redo log.
D. The database alternates between writing to the online and offline redo log files.
Correct Answer: C

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