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Universal Containers has built a recruiting application with two custom objects, Job Applications and Reviews that have a master-detail relationship. Users should NOT be allowed to delete review records after job application records have been approved.
How would a developer meet this requirement?
A. Change the interviewer’s profile to Read-only for the review object
B. Use workflow to change the page layout to Read-only
C. Remove the Delete button from the job application page layout
D. Use a validation rule in conjunction with a roll-up summary field

Correct Answer: D
What can cross-object formulas reference?
A. Both parent and child object records
B. Parent object records only
C. Child object records only
D. Other records of the same object

Correct Answer: B
Universal Containers requires that all job applications have a unique code that is auto-populated when records are created. The code must be different from the record ID.
What would a developer use to accomplish this declaratively?
A. Custom auto number field
B. Custom master-detail field
C. Custom read-only number field
D. Custom lookup relationship field

Correct Answer: A
Which is a valid formula return type for a custom formula field? Choose 3 answers
A. Date
B. Percent
C. Email
D. Phone
E. Currency

Correct Answer: A
A business requirement can be met by using either a formula field or an Apex trigger. Why would a de-veloper use a formula field Instead of an Apex trigger? Choose 2 answers
A. Formula fields can aggregate data from child records.
B. Formula fields can be created and deployed using only a browser.
C. Formula fields do not require test methods to deploy.
D. Formula fields allow greater control and flexibility than Apex triggers

Correct Answer: BC
What can be viewed using the process visualizer?
A. Approval processes
B. Support processes
C. Workflow rules
D. Sales processes

Correct Answer: A
In the Universal Containers recruiting app, there is a master-detail relationship between the Job Appli-cation and Review objects. Job Application is the master object.
If a Job Application record is deleted, what will happen to any associated Review records?
A. The Review record is also deleted
B. The owner of the Review record changes
C. No change to the Review record
D. An error message is displayed

Correct Answer: A
A user can only see the fields A, B, and C on a record of Object X until the Stage field value on the record changes from New to Working. Once the Stage field value is updated to Working and the record is saved, the user should be able to see fields A, B, C, and D.
How would an application developer configure this?
A. Use workflow to change the field-level security
B. Use validation rules to expose the field
C. Use multiple Visualforce pages
D. Use workflow to change the record type

Correct Answer: C
Which type of custom field can be an external ID?
A. Custom field of any type
B. Phone Number, Email, URL and Text-based fields
C. Text, Number, or Formula fields only
D. Text, Email, or Number fields only
Correct Answer: D
Why might a reporting snapshot fail during a scheduled run? Choose 3 answers
A. The target object is a custom object.
B. The target object contains an Apex trigger.
C. The running user has been made inactive.
D. The source report has been resaved as a matrix report.
E. The source report was not created by an Administrator.

Correct Answer: BCD
When do users have the option to manually share records they own from the record detail page?
A. When a developer adds the Sharing button to the page layout.
B. When a developer grants the users the Share Records permission.
C. When the organization wide default for the object is set to private or read-only.
D. When the organization wide default for the object is set to public read/write.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 12
Which dashboard component displays a grand total across a set of data? Choose 2 answers
A. Chart
B. Pivot
C. Metric
D. Table

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 13
In which Salesforce environments will the record IDs be identical?
A. Production and Full Copy Sandbox only
B. Production and Developer Sandbox only
C. Production, Full Copy Sandbox, and Developer Sandbox
D. record IDs are never identical.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 14
A developer would like to modify the contents of the hover details for a custom object called Position. What would a developer customize to accomplish this?
A. Imposition page layouts
B. Position search layouts
C. Position record types
D. Position field dependencies

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
Universal Containers tracks reviews as a custom object in a recruiting application. An interview score is tracked on each review record and should be numerical, so that hiring managers can perform score calculations. The scores should be restricted to Integer values l through 5 and displayed as a set of radio buttons.
How can a developer meet this requirement?
A. Create the Interview Score field as a picklist, displayed as a radio button on the page layout
B. Create a formula field that displays the interview score as a set of radio buttons
C. Create a Visualforce component to display the interview score as a set of radio buttons
D. Create the Interview Score field with a data type of radio button Correct Answer: D
Which statement is TRUE about field-level security? Choose 2 answers
A. It is specified for each profile.
B. It can be controlled at the record level.
C. It Is enforced in the SOAP API.
D. It determines the values displayed in a visible picklist field.

Correct Answer: AB
If a change is made to an approval process, how can a developer determine the user that made the change? Choose 2 answers
A. By examining the setup audit trail
B. By checking the field history on the associated record
C. By looking at “Modified By” on the approval definition
D. By examining the Debug Log

Correct Answer: C
What is NOT a component of a custom application?
A. Data warehouse
B. Custom object
C. Custom tab
D. Default landing tab

Correct Answer: A
In a recruiting application, a custom object called Position requires approval. When a position record is submitted for approval, the requirements below must be met:
The hiring manager must approve the record

The approval must be forwarded to all members of the executive team, but only one executive needs to approve the record

The VP of human resources must approve the record
How would a developer meet this requirement?
A. Create multiple approval processes, one for each executive team member, and utilize parallel sub-mission.
B. Create an approval process which utilizes parallel approvers, but does not require unanimous ap-proval.
C. Create parallel workflow rules, requiring at least one executive team member to complete their as-signed task.
D. Create an approval process with a step for each executive team member, allowing approval steps to be skipped.
Correct Answer: B
Which standard profile has the “View Encrypted Data” permission by default?
A. System Administrator Profile
B. Solution Manager Profile
C. Standard User Profile
D. No profile has the permission active by default

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21
Which developer tool can be used to create a data model? Choose 2 answers
B. Schema Builder
C. Application Data Model Wizard
D. Data Loader

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 22
Which statement is TRUE about master-detail relationships in the platform? Choose 2 an-swers
A. The master-detail relationship field is required on the page layout of the detail record.
B. When defining a master-detail relationship, the custom object on which you are working is the mas- ter.
C. The security settings for the master record control the detail record.
D. When a master record is deleted, the child records remain in the system without a master record.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 23
In a recruiting application, all users should be able to see positions with a status of Open. If the status is anything other than Open, the position should be visible only to the record owner. How would a developer accomplish this? Choose 2 answers
A. Set the organization-wide default for positions to public read-only, then use a sharing rule to restrict access to closed positions.
B. Specify view only access for open positions on users’ profiles.
C. Set the organization-wide default for positions to private, then use a criteria-based sharing rule to au-tomatically share open positions.
D. Set the organization-wide default for positions to private, allowing owners to use manual sharing to add or remove access as positions change status.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 24
Positions is a custom object in a recruiting application built on the platform. Department is a field on the Position object.
Which type of report should a developer create to show hiring managers the number of positions grouped by department?
A. Summary
B. Pivot
C. Reporting Snapshot
D. Tabular

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25
A developer is loading data, in CSV format, into a custom application from a legacy system. The devel-oper would like to load users into the user object, and positions and job applications owned by named users into related custom objects.
Which obstacle will the developer encounter when using the import wizard?
A. The import wizards cannot Import data from CSV files.
B. The import wizards do not support custom objects.
C. The import wizards do not import files to specify record owner.
D. The import wizards do not support the User object.

Correct Answer: D
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