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Exam Code: 70-765
Exam Name: Provisioning SQL Databases (beta)
Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Q&As: 36

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What does the column Actual Benefts mean?
A. A rollup of all actual benefts across all beneft categories
B. A rollup of all planned net benefts (planned benefts minus planned costs) across all categories.
C. A rollup of all actual net benefts (actual benefts minus actual costs) across all categories
D. A rollup of all planned benefts across all beneft categories.
70-765 exam 
Correct Answer: A
What is TRUE about the Percent Allocaton feld?
A. Must total up to 100% for all users
B. A user can not have over 100% allocaton
C. Must has at least one user assigned with at least 10% allocated
D. A user can be assigned with 0% (zero percent) allocaton
Correct Answer: B
The assessment value is calculated by:
A. manually assigning values to each category
B. Cost Rato divided by Slip Days
C. Risk value multplied by Slip Days
D. Cost Rato divided by the Risk Value
70-765 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
What support informaton can you atach to Assessments?
A. Only Existng Documents that have been checked in
B. Any WBS structure
C. Any supported Document type
D. No fles can be atached to Assessments
Correct Answer: C
Who can view the assessment informaton?
A. Any person who can view the Project
B. Only the Project owner
C. Only the Project Administrator
D. The Project Administrator and the Project Owner
70-765 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
In the following image, what does the “Reset” buton do?
70-765 dumps

A. It resets the values of the modifed felds
B. It displays all the felds that are editable
C. It reset the value of the last value that was changed
D. It clears out all the date felds
70-765 vce 
Correct Answer: A
The assessor can evaluate what areas of a project for health through the dashboard?
A. Schedule, Cost, Resource, Risk
B. Schedule, Expense, Resource, Issues
C. Issues, Expense, Risks, Schedule
D. Cost, Issues, Resource, Expense
Correct Answer: A
A project budget can be imported from what type of fle directly?
A. xls
B. xml
C. csv
70-765 exam 
Correct Answer: C
What answer is TRUE about Business Goals.
A. Many goals can belong to the same Program
B. One goal can belong to only one Project
C. Many Projects can have the same goal
D. A Project can only have one goal
Correct Answer: C
Business goals are objectves that are satsfed by a:
A. Project
B. Program
C. Task
D. Route
70-765 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
Business Goals have what states?
A. Created, Actve, Complete
B. Actve, Inactve
C. Create, Actve, Archive
D. Exists
Correct Answer: A
When you copy an existng project, what components are brought over to the new project?:
A. Tasks
B. Folders
C. Documents
D. All the above
70-765 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
When you copy a WBS from another project, the task Estmated Start and End dates:
A. are cleared
B. have the original dates
C. are cleared and then recomputed based on the start date of the project and on the task dependencies
D. will have the new project created date
Correct Answer: D
In the members’ page of a project, what members can you add to a project?
A. Persons
B. Roles
C. Groups
D. All of these
70-765 vce 
Correct Answer: D
To set up a company profle in the ENOVIA system, you must belong to the host company and be assigned
which role?
A. Administratve Manager
B. Buyer
C. Company Representatve
D. Employee
Correct Answer: C
Which type of Project do you create if you want to propose an idea and solicit feedback about it?
A. Concept Project
B. Discussion Project
C. Prototype Project
D. Review Project
70-765 exam 
Correct Answer: A
What metric CANNOT be deleted from Critcal to Quality (CTQ)?
A. Goal
B. Controlled
C. Measured
D. Predicted

Correct Answer: A
In the, Out Of The Box, Project Dashboard, the color code for tasks is:
A. Yellow to indicate a task is late
B. Red to indicate a task is due within one day
C. Green to indicate a task is not started
D. Orange to indicate a task is at risk
70-765 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
In the dashboard Image below, what is the red square indicatng?
A. The task is Complete
B. The task is not complete but not late or at risk
C. The task is a Milestone and is pending
D. The task is late
Correct Answer: D
The Discussions page is accessed from the:
A. My ENOVIA menu
B. Tools menu
C. Global Toolbar Actons menu
D. Search menu
70-765 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
A Threaded view in a Discussion page shows:
A. all discussion messages in a single list
B. replies indented beneath the original message
C. the original messages
D. the original message and all replies in a single list
Correct Answer: B
When creatng a Discussion and you set the Visibility to Public, who can see the Discussion?
A. Only employees of the Host Company
B. Any users with access to the item
C. Members of the workspace only
D. All Program Central users
70-765 vce 
Correct Answer: B
What is the key beneft of having a folder in a project?
A. Control the access to project documents
B. To track each person who revises a fle
C. Lock the document that is checked out for editng
D. All of these
Correct Answer: A

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