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1.Which of the following enables network devices to communicate with SNA applications in the z/OS environment? A.BTAM B.VSAM C.VTAM D.BDAM Answer: C
2.Which of the following describes the z/OS Communications Storage Manager (CSM)? A.Communications Server disk storage B.Layered network model storage C.RFC common storage standard D.Shared I/O buffer for data flow Answer: A
3.What master catalog entry relates to the name of a user catalog? A.HLQ B.VVDS C.ALIAS D.Alternate index Answer:C
4.Which of the following describes the major difference between and FICON or ESCON channels? A.ESCON channels are faster, FICON channels are slower B.ESCON channels use hard copper connections, FICON channels use fibre connections C.ESCON channels are more secure than FICON channels D.FICON channels have higher capacity than ESCON channels Answer: D
5.IBM mainframe offers specialty processors (zIIP, zAAP, SAP and IFL).Which of the following accurately describes a function of one of these specialty processors? A.zAAP processors automatically turns off unnecessary computing components. B.IFL is used by a Linux LPAR or Linux on z/VM C.zIIP processors automatically run high priority jobs first D.SAP processors are specially tuned to run the SAP application suite Answer: B
6.Which of the following mainframe technologies requires a coupling facility? A.CTC ring
B.Shared DASD
C.Parallel Sysplex
Answer: C

7.Which of the following can identify a base software component?
A.Message format
B.Software update list
C.System log routing table descriptor
D.Three characters in message identifier
Answer: D

8.SSI, Cookie Support, Tracing and Logging, and Persistent Connections are considered what type of
z/OS-specific HTTP functions?
A.File Caching
Answer: D

9.Which of the following z/OS UNIX files determines the behavior of a z/OS HTTP Server request passed
to a plug-in?
B.plugin-cfg xml
Answer: A

10.Which of the following is true of Type 4 JDBC drivers?
A.Fully written in java, can be ported to any platform that supports DBMS protocol.
B.JDBC API calls platform and database specific code to access the database.
C.JDBC default driver for z/OS
D.Offers the best performance
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