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Which testing system offers the most user interface languages?
A. Prove It!
B. Kenexa Assess
C. Interview Builder
D. Kenexa Insight
Answer: B
A candidate is taking a Kenexa Assess assessment. They call and ask why they do not see the assessment after clicking the blue assessment link.
What do you tell the candidate?
A. You will need to disable your pop-up blocker.
B. You will need to clear your cache and cookies.
C. You are most likely using an unsupported web browser.
D. You will need to right-click the assessment link and then hit “Open Link.”
Answer: C
What functionality in Excel can be used to check for blank values as part of the validation checks on the final data file?
A. Filter
B. Group
C. Text to Column
D. Remove Duplicates
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 4

What is the most efficient way of creating a survey that will use the Core 38 Items and Sections for a Survey Advantage client?
A. Copy the existing survey template.
B. Copy the survey template from the last survey administered and modify it.
C. Create the survey from scratch using the items and sections the client has signed off on.
D. Upload the survey items and sections automatically using excel and modify the content as needed.
Answer: A
How do you give your Survey Advantage client access to the online survey to review the layout and test submitting responses without these test submits impacting the final survey data?
A. Send ‘Preview* link to client for review and approval.
B. Send ‘One-Click’ link to client for review and approval.
C. Send ‘Master’ link to client and remove their test submits after their review and approval.
D. Send ‘Generic* Link to the client and remove their test submits after their review and approval.
Answer: A
In the second year of administration, an Advantage Survey client would like to administer the same questionnaire without any changes.
What is the most efficient way of creating this survey?
A. creating the survey from scratch.
B. copying the client’s previous year’s survey
C. using the standard survey template and modifying the content
D. copying they most recent survey questionnaire and modifying the content.
Answer: B
What is required before a session can be created when creating a single session within Assess?
A. First Name
B. Last Name
C. Test Taker ID
D. Requisition Number
Answer: C
Reference:$cnt&atta chmentName=Assess_Session_Management_Quick_Start_R3.2.0.pdf&token=MTQwOTY4NzU3 NzQ2MQ==&locale=en_ALL_ZZ(Page #16)
An organization wants the ability to analyze data by each of their 10 office locations. Which scenario would allow this?
A. The location is added to the reporting tool after survey administration.
B. The location is a demographic question and each location option meets the min n.
C. The location is entered as an open-ended question and each location meets the min n.
D. The location is a demographic question and at least one location option meets the min n.
Answer: C

What is the limitation when the client wants to have benchmark scores available in Survey Advantage Entry?
A. Benchmarks are not available.
B. Benchmarks are only available for Sections.
C. Benchmarks are only available for custom items.
D. Benchmarks can only be assigned to one client user.
Answer: D
In Kenexa Assess, what contains one or more assessments to be administered to a test taker?
A. A Batch
B. A Bundle
C. A Campaign
D. A Hiring Program
Answer: A
Reference:$cnt&atta chmentName=Assess_Session_Management_Quick_Start_R3.2.0.pdf&token=MTQwOTc0NTY5 MDU2OA==&locale=en_ALL_ZZ(See Setting Up an AssessmentBatch 1stLine)
In Survey Advantage, the ‘Do not know’ response option is not populating in the Excel report format. Why would this happen?
A. This option does not appear in Excel by design.
B. The user is using the incorrect version of Excel.
C. The user is using the incorrect internet browser.
D. The user did not check this option before creating their report.
Answer: C

In Survey Advantage where can a user be removed after the survey goes live?
A. Maintain Users
B. Activate Survey
C. Edit Survey User Rights
D. Record Participant Numbers
Answer: C
Which reporting feature is recommended for a Survey Advantage client who wants to combine several demographic response options to create one data group to report on?
A. Cross Tab
B. Benchmark
C. Custom Report
D. Section Analysis
Answer: C
What method of survey access is included in the base offering of Survey Advantage and Survey Advantage Entry products?
A. Generic access, demographics selected on the survey
B. Unique one-click access, demographics selected on the survey
C. Unique one-click access, demographics pre-populated on the survey
D. Unique username and password access, demographics pre-populated on the survey
Answer: B

Which reporting feature is available in the second or subsequent years of a survey administration but not in the first year?
A. Trend
B. Benchmark
C. Gap Analysis
D. Engagement Analysis
Answer: B
A prospective Survey Advantage Entry client loves the technology but wants to use their custom questionnaire.
How do should they be advised?
A. It is not possible to create a custom survey questionnaire in this tool.
B. It is possible to create a custom survey questionnaire.This can be built into the project requirements.
C. It is mandatory to use the core Advantage items and they can add some custom items to the end of the questionnaire.
D. It is possible to create a custom survey questionnaire.A Project Engineer will need to be aligned to work on this customization so additional costs would be involved.
Answer: B
An organization provided a final data file including the demographics that need to be loaded into the Survey Advantage system.
What Excel function is used in the conversion process to match demographic response options to the system-assigned numeric values?
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 18

In Survey Advantage, who should have access to the reporting site on day one of survey go-live?
A. All Managers
B. Survey participants
C. Development team
D. Project and Client Administrators
Answer: B
How is the spreadsheet that is used to upload multiple test takers into Kenexa Assess accessed?
A. Contact Kenexa Assessment Support
B. From Download Sample File on Prove It!
C. From Download Sample File on Kenexa Assess
D. It is provided when an administrator starts using Kenexa Assess
Answer: D
An organization includes an “Age” field in their final Survey Advantage data file. How must the organization provide this information?
A. Age values can be in any format.
B. Age values must be banded in the final file.
C. Age values must be in MM/DD/YYYY format.
D. Age values must be sent in MM/DD/YY format.
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 21

A client with a sophisticated HRIS system wants to launch a survey in two months. They want to provide a data file with demographic information and have a unique survey link emailed to each employee.
What product and access method will best achieve this goal?
A. Survey Advantage with a one-click URL and pre-populated demographics
B. Survey Advantage with a one-click URL and demographics selected on the survey
C. Survey Advantage Entry with a one-click URL and demographics selected on the survey
D. Survey Advantage with a generic URL.usernames and passwords entered, and pre-populated demographics
Answer: B
When enabling a report user in Survey Advantage, which option will only be available from the second administration onwards?
A. Trend
B. Gap Analysis
C. Custom Report
D. Dashboard Report
Answer: A
To determine if a caller is using Kenexa Assess, what can an administrator ask them to look for in the URL?
A. https://2x
C. IBM.assess

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