FLYDUMPS HP HP2-W100 exam sample questions offer clarifications and additional guidance and address evolving Huawei requirements not previ-ously addressed in HP HP2-W100. This new version updates the standards to keep pace with emerging threats, technology evolution, and changes in the market. Through HP exam sample questions, administrators are alerted when storage capacity is low and presented an option to move virtual machines to a storage volume with more capacity to prevent an unscheduled outage of the virtual machines. The FLYDUMPS Huawei solutions address both IT efficiency and business agility.

Your organization wants to allow users to access Facebook but not Facebook Chat Which rules allow the organization to accomplish this goal? (Select two.)
A. Block + Notify Social Media
B. Permit + Notify Social Media Chat
C. Block + Notify Social Media Chat
D. Permit Social Media Chat
E. Block Social Media
F. Permit Social Media
Correct Answer: AB
Which statements are true regarding applications? (Select two)
A. Applications can evade traditional security mechanisms by tunneling within other commonly used services (e.g., http, https).
B. Applications do not pose a threat to network security.
C. Applications can evade traditional security mechanisms by randomly shifting their communications ports and protocols.
D. TippingPoint only inspects some applications.
E. TippingPoint does not inspect applications.
F. Applications pose a minimal threat to network security

Correct Answer: CDF
Which tasks can be scheduled on an HP TippingPointSMS? (Select three.)
A. DV snapshots
B. Profile distribution
C. System snapshots
D. DV distribution
E. DV activation
F. Reports
Correct Answer: BCD
Which CLI command can be used to review packet statistics?
A. Show np engine statistics
B. Show np engine details
C. Show np packet details
D. Show np engine filter
Correct Answer: C
What is the HP TippingPoint NGFW serial console speed?
A. 9600/8/N/1
B. 115200/7/P/0
C. 115200/8/N/1

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