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Which CloudSystem service includes usage metering?
A. Expansion Kit Service
B. Enablement Service
C. Starter Kit Service
D. Installation Service Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA3-8184ENW.pdf (page 2, see the table, service deployment, second bullet)
What is a key characteristic of the HP ProLiant e-Series server?
A. Flexible networking options
B. Low-power CPU
C. Intelligent power discovery
D. Right-sized I/O bandwidth Correct Answer: D
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/justrightit/ProLiant%20Gen8%20Servers%20Positioning (page 8, see figure 1) %20Guide%204AA4-0118ENW.pdf
What value does Insight Online, part of HP’s Proactive Insight Experience, provide to customers with HP ProLiant servers?
A. Automation of routine operational tasks
B. Access to IT infrastructure anytime, anywhere via a personalized dashboard
C. Less downtime
D. Faster reactive service
Correct Answer: B Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which HP vision statements are reflected in Project Odyssey? (Select two.)
A. To support emerging cloud and massive-scale environments for high-performance computing
B. To boost flexibility and availability of x86 systems with Integrity nPars technology to expand the mission-critical experience across UNIX and x86-based architectures
C. To increase compute density to enable workload provisioning for big data
D. To accelerate hyperscale workloads by using the lowest-power CPUs across the x86 ecosystem Correct Answer: AB
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
What does HP OneView use to automate the configuration of network resources?
C. Network GUI
D. Templates Correct Answer: D
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA4-8543ENW.pdf
What are three benefits that Virtual Connect provides in the data center? (Select three.)
A. automatic assignment of server IDs
B. rapid reassignment of workloads
C. optimization of system performance
D. rapid deployment of servers
E. reduced power distribution
F. replace servers
Correct Answer: BDF Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://www.interop.com/lasvegas/2011/presentations/free/201-william-dicke.pdf (slide 15)
What improvement does Virtual Connect technology offer over traditional switched networks?
A. It pushes traffic to network switches, optimizing east-west traffic within a Virtual Connect domain.
B. It increases data traffic to network core switches and back with no added latency within a Virtual Connect domain.
C. It allows traffic between BladeSystem c7000 enclosures to flow without impacting uplink speed.
D. It enables workloads on up to 64 servers to communicate directly among Virtual Connect modules without limiting latency.
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Which three trends represent changes in the way technology is and will be consumed, thereby offering a way for IT to help customers solve business challenges? (Select three.)
A. Open-source applications
B. Mobility
C. Service level agreements (SLAs)
D. Big data
E. IT infrastructure libraries (ITIL)
F. Cloud computing
Correct Answer: ABF Explanation
What are two ways that HP partners can create business value for customers during uncertain economic times? (Select two.)
A. Manage and deliver on increasing solution complexity.
B. Focus on the unique value of proprietary solutions.
C. Maintain expertise and capacity.
D. Offer redundant solutions for added reliability.
E. Address the changing business needs of the future.
Correct Answer: CD Explanation
Which two benefits does Proactive Insight provide to customers? (Select two.)
A. workload-targeted cartridges
B. Smart Update Manager
C. greater memory addressability
D. 3D Sea of Sensors
E. 1GB Ethernet NICs
Correct Answer: DE Explanation
What is at the core of the HP business strategy for servers and services?
A. business agility
B. infrastructure
C. mobility
D. software
Correct Answer: B Explanation
How does the lifecycle delivery aspect of the HP ServiceOne program support increased sales for channel partners and enhance their ability to earn more from the HP services they sell?
A. by enabling partners to deliver across the useful lifetime of an IT solution
B. by encompassing the resale of recycled products for an additional revenue stream
C. by helping customers manage legacy products covered under HP Care Pack Services
D. by restructuring onsite support services to include existing and newly ordered solutions
Correct Answer: A Explanation
A geographically dispersed customer is looking for an easy way to automate integration with enterprise monitoring and service desk applications. Which component of Converged Infrastructure management helps this customer manage their large-scale environment?
A. HP OneView
Correct Answer: B Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search? q=cache:ftp://www.hp.com/wwsolutions/misc/hpsim-helpfiles/HPSIMandHPOperationsManager.pdf
Which three deliverables are part of an HP Server Assessment and Design service? (Select three.)
A. proof of concept
B. infrastructure analysis and recommendation
C. backup modernization
D. readiness assessment report
E. solution blueprint
F. architectural roadmap
Correct Answer: DEF Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Your customer wants to prevent problems in their ProLiant server environment. Which support service should you recommend?
A. Insight Online Portal
B. Proactive Care
C. Insight Remote Support
D. ServiceOne
Correct Answer: B Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA3-8921ENW.pdf (page 2)
In which two ways can a chief information officer (CIO) address the complexities of a new global initiative? (Select two.)
A. Rely on proven strategies and practices from past successes.
B. Modify product designs to map to cross-cultural differences and nuances.
C. Implement an ecosystem that focuses on all aspects of the customer experience.
D. Attempt to stabilize the constantly changing needs of the business.
E. Build agility into company systems and infrastructure. Correct Answer: CE
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
NOTE: A very confusing question. Which global initiative?
What are two components of a Flat SAN? (Select two.)
A. HP StoreFabric Fibre Channel switch

B. HP 3PAR F400
C. VCFIex-10 module
D. VC FlexFabric module
E. VC Fibre Channel module
Correct Answer: BD Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://blogs.qlogic.com/Pages/blogView.aspx?blogID=23
The CEO of a fashion design company is concerned with rapidly changing fashion preferences. Operations in their fast-paced retail environment are constrained by a data center that has grown as needed along with the company’s growth. These issues affect the way the company monitors and controls inventory.
What is one way the CEO can address these issues?
A. outsourcing procurement and the supply chain to a third-party provider
B. streamlining the flow of communication with third-party suppliers
C. restructuring the order fulfillment processes to increase profitability
D. updating product designs to match new market trends Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which features are included in the Datacenter Care support service? (Select two.)
A. management of migration
B. enhanced call handling
C. data media retention
D. an assigned account team Correct Answer: BD
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA4-3102ENW.pdf
A customer requires a regular review of their firmware and software as part of their support agreement. Which support service should the customer choose?
A. Insight Remote Support
B. Proactive Care
C. Insight Online Portal
D. ServiceOne Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which redundant components are included in the Citrix VDI-in-a-Box design strategy to meet high availability requirements?
A. memory
B. storage
C. servers
D. virtual machines Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA4-2774ENW.pdf (page 7, second bullet)
HP Server Assessment and Design services provide an architectural roadmap and a solution blueprint. Which type of customer is an ideal candidate for these services?
A. a customer who plans to migrate their hypervisor infrastructure
B. a customer who has begun migrating their network infrastructure
C. a customer who is in the process of deploying a new infrastructure
D. a customer who needs to optimize their network infrastructure Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which resource is available to streamline Moonshot deployments?
A. Solution Builder Program
B. Discovery Lab
C. Pathfinder Program
D. Concierge Support Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA4-6076ENW.pdf
The software-defined data center is often considered the next step in the evolution of converged infrastructure and cloud computing.
What is the definition of a software-defined data center?
A. a federated data center solution integrated with orchestration tools to provide cloud automation
B. an open-environment data center delivered by automation and agility across the network
C. a data center built on a programmable network aligned to business applications
D. a data center where the infrastructure is virtualized and IT is delivered as a service Correct Answer: D
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: https://blogs.vmware.com/vmware/2012/08/the-software-defined-datacenter-meets- (second para) vmworld.html
A customer has engaged HP to implement a virtualization infrastructure. The migration plan includes a discovery phase to examine the existing environment What is the typical duration of the discovery phase?
A. 6-12 weeks
B. 1-3 months
C. 4-6 months
D. 7-12 months
Correct Answer: A Explanation Explanation/Reference:
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