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What information needs to be reported in the ICPP portal on a monthly basis? (Select two.)
A. PDF document of signed contract
B. copy of the pricing tool, including the detailed calculation S contract start date and end date
C. amount of non-HP devices at the customer site
D. serial numbers of devices

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 2
Which statement is true about a “base plus click” pricing model?
A. The fixed costs in the contract are included in the click.
B. The fixed costs in the contract are included in the base, and the variable costs are included in the click
C. The customer pays a fixed amount per month regardless of the pages printed.
D. The consumables and maintenance kits are included in the base.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3
Which device and supplies pacing is included within the cMPS pricing tool?
A. List price aligned to the region you selected when you downloaded the tool
B. All pricing in the tool is based on an average list price set across EMEA
C. Net buys prices based on your specific region where pre-approved discounts are in place
D. No pricing information is within the tool. The partner needs to apply list prices of devices and supplies into the tool, and then apply local-based discounts

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
What is one way to help ensure that HP printing devices maintain the HP reputation for the best possible print quality?
A. Use power-conditioning devices to ensure constant voltage
B. Use only original HP supplies
C. Use only 1500-grit paper as cleaning pages.
D. Place the device in a cool dry area

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
Which statement is true about a “cost per page” click pricing model?
A. The fixed costs in the contract are included in the base, and the variable costs are included in the click.
B. The customer pays a fixed amount per month regardless of the pages printed.
C. Tracking of pages printed is not important.
D. HP recommends not agreeing to a minimum number of pages per month

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
Who manages the financing of a Channel Managed Print Services Contract?
A. HP Partner Account Manger
B. HP Financial Services
C. HP cMPS Partner
D. HP Services

Correct Answer: D
Which process must a partner use in the exceptional circumstance of requesting an additional discount on Hardware and HP Care Pack Services?
A. All exceptions requite deal details and business justification to be sent to the local HP Account Manager
B. If Smart Quote is available, attach extract from the cMPS pricing tool or include deal details in the comment fields
C. If Smart Quote is available; attach big deal extract from the pricing tool to the SBD form.
D. Where a pre-approved discount is in place, raise a “top up” OPG discount quoting the cMPS pre-approved SCRP ID.

Correct Answer: A
When should HP Care Pack Services be used within a cMPS contract?
A. Always, when supporting HP commercial MFP
B. Decided by the partner and it is an option as part of the cMPS program
C. Mandatory for all HP devices supported under the cMPS program
D. Only when service level responses of less than 4 hours are required

Correct Answer: A
Who can benefit from the HP Care Pack value proposition?
A. Distributor
C. Only the customer, because it is a customer product
D. The customer and Channel Managed Print Services partner

Correct Answer: A
Which HP solution can identify applicable settings on a device and then automatically configure the settings to conform to a policy on a regular basis?
A. HP PCL 5 Print Driver
B. HP Embedded Web Server
C. HP ePrint Enterprise
D. HPWebJetadmin

Correct Answer: D
Which elements must any Channel Managed Print Services partner have in terms of infrastructure capabilities? (Select two.)
A. Licenses for Microsoft Access to run the channel-led pricing tool
B. Onsite resources for large customers
C. Assessment services with the HP approved audit tools
D. Contract management and utility-based invoicing capabilities
E. A supplies delivery capability

Correct Answer: AE
What is big data?
A. Typical data flow in an office with 100 or more nodes and 50 or more people
B. Data stored on a RAID array or similar central data base storage device
C. Collections of information that are so large and complex, they are difficult to process and manage
D. Print jobs or digital sending jobs that are larger than 10 MB of encrypted or plain text data

Correct Answer: C
The HP Channel Managed Print Services program focuses on contracts that include which HP products?
A. HP Large Format printers
B. HP LaserJet and multifunction products
C. HP Commercial Product Portfolio
D. HP Deskjet printers

Correct Answer: B
What are the consequences of misusing the HP Channel Managed Print Services program discount? (Select two.)
A. HP will inform all key competitors of the partner about the misuse.
B. The partner will pay back the net value of the discounts that HP paid to distribution in order to support the SCRP Program.
C. The partner will pay back all program achievements, such as contractual bonus and Pay For Results (PFR).
D. HP will issue a warning letter to the partner, giving 3 months’ notice to become compliant with the CMPS program or be expelled for a minimum of 2 years.
E. All existing contracts of the partner will be reassigned to HP directly.
Correct Answer: BE
Within the cMPS program, which items are supported by the program discounts? (Select two.)
A. HP Retail Products
B. Selected HP printers and MFP
C. HP contract management software
D. HP print servers and appliances for remote monitoring
E. Selected HP original supplies
Correct Answer: BD
What is part of the HP imaging and printing hardware value proposition?
A. Number 1 in sales volumes per product
B. Most new models introduced every year
C. Smallest product footprint form factor

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