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Exam B
Which of the following factors is NOT likely an issue a human resources professional would help a family to work through to determine the appropriateness of an
international assignment for the family at that time?
A. Is adventure and discovering new things characteristic of the family?
B. Is the family stable and relationships currently harmonious?
C. Is there a history of drug abuse in the family?
D. Are the children open to moving to the host country?
Correct Answer: C

A company is considering moving its production offshore to Shenzhen, China. The HR Manager is tasked with identifying the supply and demand for skilled labor,
the costs of recruiting workers, and the turnover trends in the area.
When conducting this environmental scan, which of the following types of influences best describes these indicators?
A. Political factors
B. Economic factors
C. International factors
D. Labor market factors
Correct Answer: D

Productivity measures the and of work done, taking into account the cost of the resources it took to do the work
A. quantity and quality
B. output and capital
C. input and output
D. output and quantity
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is a measure of recruiting effectiveness in the long term?
A. Cost per applicant hired
B. Quantity of applicants
C. Average time required to recruit applicants
D. Turnover of hires
Correct Answer: D

A good MBO (management by objectives) shares all of the following aspects EXCEPT:
A. Periodic feedback about objectives
B. Goals which align with corporate level goals and strategies
C. Goals are established by the supervisor/manager
D. Goals which are measurable
Correct Answer: C

You are assisting a highly talented engineering architect in repatriation after a short-term international assignment in Bangalore, India After are re-entry, there are
no appropriate positions available in the organization at headquarters.
Which of the following goals is NOT a potential goal for redeploying this individual?
A. Maintain employee morale in the host country
B. Building a global workforce
C. Sharing the recently acquired knowledge
D. Retaining the talent for the future
Correct Answer: A

A manager works very closely with his subordinates to create an effective working environment.
Once a new person is hired, he works with the employee to set realistic goals for the short-tern and long-term. In addition, he continuously works employees to
discuss career paths and career ambitions. He is constantly coaching, counseling, and mentoring. Once his employees reach goals, he rewards them through
merit increase/bonuses, offering job responsibilities with new challenges, and publicly recognizes their achievement in cross-departmental meetings.
Which of the following motivational theories is least utilized in his management approach to motivating his employee?
A. B.F. Skinner’ Theory of Behavioral Reinforcement
B. McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y
C. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
D. Self-Effcacy Theory
E. Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following factors dose ONT affect the trainability of individuals?
A. Perception of environment
B. Time
C. Ability
D. Motivation
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT a common mistake in selection procedures?
A. Ignore long-term strategic considerations and goals for the position
B. Adjusting global competencies to local cultures
C. Use insufficient or not valid selection criteria
D. Choose final candidate too quickly based on time constraints
Correct Answer: B

A company decide to purpose an international assignment program to fill a new position in its new office Beijing, China. With the assistance of the human
resources professional, the management, team has finalized a list of selection criteria of the candidate for the role considering the entire scope of the international
assignment. During the interviewing process, they utilize various tools to isolate out the success factors.
After deciding on the candidate and the individual accepting the offer, the human resources professional with vendors to provide cross-cultural training prior to
departure and plans all the logistical details for the relocation. The human resources professional also assists the individual
and his family by providing contacts and setting up meetings with other expatriates in the host country to orientate the expatriate before country, ie career
deveploment, potential roles, personal transition, etc.
In this scenario, which of the following actions items were forgotten to ensure a successful international assignment?
A. Plan for a successful repatriation
B. Provide ongoing support, while on assignment
C. Plan the international assignment as part of a process, not an activity
D. Provide appropriate training
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following stages of globalization is an organization likely in if it is pursuing a polycentric staffing approach?
A. Domestic
B. Global
C. Multinational
D. Transnational
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following BEST identifies the stages in the strategic planning process ?
A. Mission & Vision -> Determine Strategic Issues by performing a Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis, & Benchmarking -> Strategy Formulation -> Strategy
Implementation -> Evaluation & Control
B. Strategy Development -> Strategy Formulation -> Strategy Implementation -> Strategy Evaluation
C. Mission & Objectives -> Strategy Formulation -> Environmental scanning -> Strategy Implementation -> Evaluation & Control
D. Mission & Objectives -> Determine Action Plans -> Strategy Implementation -> Evaluation & Control
Correct Answer: A

When assessing the gaps between actual and desired organizational performance, which of following measures would NOT considered ?
A. Benchmarked results
B. Training and development
C. Individual assessment
D. Task assessment
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following would a trainer emphasize in order to ensure that a training program focused on developing skills for a particular job is valid ?
A. Survey comparable off-the-shelf programs
B. Interview incumbent
C. Interview managers
D. Analyze the job description and job specifications
Correct Answer: D

You are preparing an on-assignment checklist for an individual going on an international assignment.
Which of the following items is the LEAST important to pursue ?
A. Creating avenues for communication
B. Identify school for childrenC. Cross-cultural training
D. Moving/relocation services
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT likely an issue a human resources professional would help a dual career family to work though to determine the appropriateness of
an international assignment for the family at that time ?
A. How will the host country workers respond to a same sex family?
B. Will the accompanying spouse be able to find a job easily?
C. Will the employee consider commuting instead of moving the whole family to the host country?
D. How will the loss of income from one spouse impact the family and their finances?
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is a difference between the recruitment and selection of an individual for a position in the home country vs. For an international assignment?
A. Cost-benefit analysis
B. Interviewing of family
C. Review of previous work samples, experience, etc.
D. Reference checking
Correct Answer: B

The HR Manager is creating an interactive training program on recruiting for a group of 20 R&D managers as well as one for a group of 20 production line leads.
Which of the following is NOT a factor to consider bearing in mind these target audiences ?
A. R&D managers have probably had similar training in the past
B. Production line leads are probably kinesthetic learners
C. For the production line lead group, the best media to present this information is a video
D. The facilitator for the group of R&D managers should be a subject matter expert that can express content as “A” causes “B” incidents
Correct Answer: C

In which of the following situations do HR managers have the greatest impact on organizations?
A. Assume management roles on cross-functional projects
B. Actively participates in the long-term organizational strategic planning process
C. Providing legal counsel to managers
D. Evaluate and implement process improvements throughout an organization
Correct Answer: B

A Singapore-based restaurant chain is experiencing phenomenal growth. The chain offers a unique for demographic experiencing the growth of two-person
income families. It offers a variety of affordable, healthy alternatives to the fast food chains. Instead of one line of products shared by the entire company, the
corporation has decided its products should be regional. Each region would share a line of products, which would consist of local dishes.
Although the primary expansion vehicle is franchising, they still have several corporate-owned stores in each region, which manage the major decisions of the
company. For example, the regional corporate stores work with the franchises in the area to decide upon the local dishes that the region should serve.
However, all stores are aligned with strict standardized quality practices, which all regions must adhere to. For example, after a region decides on the list of local
foods it would like to serve, corporate headquarters approves the final recipes for each region. In addition, managers from the various meet regularly to ensure
that each region’s goals align with overall corporate strategic goals. For example, they have built a thorough screening process to ensure the same quality of food
from vendors throughout the regions.
Which of the following stages of globalization would BEST align with strategic business goals of expansion?
A. Global
B. Transnational
C. Domestic
D. Multinational
Correct Answer: B

An organization is evolving from a largely domestic to a multinational company with offices around the world. There has been some tension between the new
offices and headquarters in regards to the level of freedom of each of the sites.
Which of the following steps should be the next step in this change management process towards further globalization?
A. Develop a cultural roadmap for the company
B. Communicate the desired change and have senior management sell the idea throughout the organization
C. Have senior management meet to discuss and decide on the future vision for the company
D. Assess the external environment to benchmark the need for need for change
Correct Answer: C

You are in the process of developing a global compensation structure.
Which of the following factors dose NOT contribute to a balanced and consistent compensation strategy?A. Perceptions of fairness by employees
B. Continual communication across functions and locations
C. Cross-cultural training
D. Assumptions of working standards understood, ie hours worked on average in a week, termination costs.
Correct Answer: C

Let’s assume you are a HR Manager at a high tech start-up company in its late stages with 3 rounds of funding. The firm’s cash balance is $13 million, with a burn
rate off $1 million/per month.
It anticipates a break-even within 1 1/2 years, and there are no plans for acquisition or IPO within the next year. The company is an opto-electronics company,
which is a highly specialized niche within the telecommunications industry. You are building out a team for Operations, which will be made up of experienced
individuals from top competitor.
What is the most appropriate compensation philosophy for this organization?
A. Lag the market
B. Lead the market
C. At the market
D. Compensation that the ideal candidate demands
Correct Answer: C

An organization is in the growth stage of the organizational life cycle. It has five locations, one in the U.S. (headquarters), two in Asia, one in South America, and
one in Europe. The company has decided to utilize a geographic organizational structure. Although the foreign locations are relatively new, they are fully
operational each running fairly independently.
However, once a year the executive team from headquarters visits each office to meet with the managers at each site to discuss the coming fiscal year’s strategic
goals and objectives.
According to Hannon’s framework, which of the following human resource strategies BEST aligns with this type of organizational structure?
A. Receptive HR Strategy
B. Autonomous HR Strategy
C. Active HR Strategy
D. Reactive HR Strategy
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following elements of a competency model allows for clear feedback to employees regarding their career growth?
A. Highly complex competency model
B. Highly precise competencies
C. Extremely broad competencies
D. Highly integrated competency model across the organization
Correct Answer: B

A company has selected a young Operations manager to start a factory operation in Malaysia over a three-year period. The assignment may extend another
couple of years depending on the required transition.
Which of the following programs is likely the MOST valuable to this international assignee while on assignment?
A. Programs to help manage his career
B. Creating vehicles for communication with home country
C. Mentoring
D. Training
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT a cultural impact on the performance appraisal process?
A. Appropriate rewards for achievement
B. Aligning company systems to elicit specific individual performance
C. Value of individual vs. group performance
D. Type of feedback given
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following best describes the reason why continual environmental scanning is important for an organization?
A. To train their managers more effectively
B. To create a technologically advanced workforce
C. To identify potential external opportunities and threats to an organization
D. To attract a talented pool of applicants to choose from for its workforce
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT a reason why corporations in the 21st century have decided to accelerate the rate of their global expansion?A. To compete with their major competitor who is in the global stage of globaliztion
B. Pressure to lower costs
C. Shortage of particular resources
D. Favorable trade agreements and government policies
Correct Answer: A

An organization has decided to utilize a geographic organizational structure. It has several offices throughout Europe and one office in Asia, in particular, in
Shenzhen, China. Although the European offices are very well integrated into headquarters, the office in China has been running
fairly independently. Of the locations, this offices has been the most resistant to expatriates entering and to developing local talent.
In fact, headquarters suspects that most of the hiring and promotions have been based on nepotism. After performing a global gap analysis, the global HR team
has identified an initiative to identify at least three potential cendidates for each Senior Director and VP position.
Which of the following describes the BEST tactical plan to address this initiative?
A. By the end of year 1, succession plans will be developed for all Senior Directors in thecompany
B. By the end of year 1, 75% of all managers in China will be enrolled in Management 101 courese for at least 3 hours per week and participate in mentoring
C. All offices have developed a succession plan for Serior Director and VP positions, except for the China office
D. 15% of positions still need a viable succession plan
Correct Answer: A

A company is considering moving its production offshore to Shenzhen, Chian.
Which of the following is NOT a potential negative consequence of this strategy?
A. Large intial investment during transfer of knowledge
B. Decline in employee morale due to fear of losing their jobs
C. Inhibits internal development of critical skills and knowledge
D. Loss of R&D capability
Correct Answer: D

Which category of employees is likely to have the widest pay range?
A. Mechanics
B. Adrministrative Assistants
C. Engineers
D. Executives
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following financial statements would you use in order to calculate gross profit margin?
A. Balance sheet
B. Assets
C. Statement of cash flows
D. Income staement
Correct Answer: D

An individual enjoys traveling to all parts of the world, the more exotic and different, the better.
Which of the following global leadership characteristics identified by Black, Morison, and Gregersen does this behavior exhibit?
A. Character
B. Perspective
C. Savvy
D. Inquisitiveness
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following describes a framework a framework that links business strategies with day-to-day activities?
A. Organizational Values
B. Management by Objective (MVO)
C. Strategic Plan
D. Balanced Scorecard
Correct Answer: D

When communicating cross-culturally, which of the following filters is the LEAST likely to impact and distort the message sent?
A. Culture
B. Language
C. Non-verbal cuesD. Experiences
Correct Answer: D

A company has two locations and is in the domestic stage of globalization. The firm has identified an objective to become a truly multinational corporation in 5
years in order to become competitive and reduce overall costs of operations.
Given this strategic goal, which of the following
international assignments would result in the highest ROI?
A. Operations executive with the following tangible costs = $180,000 salary + $70,000 allowances + $60,000 services to open up operations in the second
B. Human resources manager with the following tangible costs = $105,000 salary + $70,000 allowances + $60,000 services to open up operations in the second
C. Customer service coordinator with the following tangible costs = $55,000 salary + $50,000 allowances + $30,000 services to open up the market in the second
D. Sales executive with the following tangible costs = $180,000 salary + $70,000 allowances +$60,000 services to open up the market in the second location
Correct Answer: A

A company just posted openings for entry-level finance positions. There were 400 total job applicants. The organization narrows the candidate pool to 20 qualified
applicants and schedules interviews with all of them. The company offers employment to 10 applicants and 6 individuals
accept the offers.
What is the yield ratio of offers to interviews?
A. 50%
B. 60%
C. 2.5%
D. 33%
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following competencies is required for a global leader to succeed cross-functionally across groups ?
A. Transferring knowledge
B. Establishing credibility
C. Obtaining information
D. Selling
Correct Answer: D

HR Management is a key factor in building competitiveness through its alignment with the organization’s strategies.
Which of the following BEST describes the functions of personnel focused on achieving this aspect of their role ?
A. The change partner, operational, and administrative
B. The builder, strategic, and operational
C. The navigator, strategic, and operational
D. The navigator, operational, and administrative
Correct Answer: B

A company decides to develop a bonus program as an incentive for employees to increase the number of corporate-owned patents and product innovations. The
human resources department is responsible for measuring the increase in the number of patents over time and the increase in the number of R&D projects.
Which of the following types of measure BEST describes these metrics ?
A. Results & Value creation measure
B. Value creation measure
C. Activity measure
D. Activity & Value creation measure
E. Results measure
Correct Answer: D

A company is evaluating its performance appraisal method for its international office in Japan. According to Japanese culture, feedback should be formal and
focused around the performance of the group. Similarly, rewards should be applied evenly across those at the same level within a group and progressively
increase as you go up the hierarchy.
Which of the following performance appraisal methods would be the most effective tool to manage their performance ?
A. Criterion referenced measurement
B. Norm referenced measurement
C. 360 degree rating
D. Open ended essay
Correct Answer: A

A U.S. based high tech company has built a R&D office in Bangalore, India. Four years have passed since the greenfield operation was successfully built. Duringthis time, the new location has taken on higher priority engineering projects and has trained and developed managerial skills of its newly recruited managers in
Headquarters wants the office to take on a new engineering project that would expand its business in the U.S. by adding a new product line. This project has been
identified as the most important objective for the corporation in the mid-term. The project is still in the phase of identifying specifications and developing
milestones, where the engineering management ream is working closely with the product manager. The management team understands that it must create an
international assignment program to have this project run smoothly. The team believes that extended business travel would be the most appropriate program.
In order to confirm their belief, the HR manager does extensive research. The analysis shows that extended business travel will result in $10,000,000 addition
revenue in the first year and $5,000,000 additional revenue in the second year due to the customization of the product to
customer demand. The cost of the program is $400,000 initial investment plus a variable cost of $100,000 per year.
What is the return on investment in the first year ?
A. 20%
B. 500%
C. 250%
D. 40%
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following addresses the range and breadth of details related to international assignments ?
A. International assignment letter of agreement
B. Assignment plan
C. International assignment process model
D. Company policies
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following actions is a PRIMARY deterrent against employees organizing to form labor unions?
A. Developing an alternative dispute resolution mechanism
B. Employer encourages a participative style management
C. Creation of work councils
D. Creation of codetermination requirements
Correct Answer: A

What should be the first step when developing a global HR strategic plan ?
A. Identify HR vision and goals
B. Assess HR resources available to implement plan
C. Determine how each HR tactical activity aligns with organizational goals
D. Identify S.M.A.R.T. HR objectives that align with organizational goals
Correct Answer: A

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