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A network architect is designing a solution for a customer who wants better security on edge ports. Recently, an
unauthorized individual was able to connect a snooping device to an open port (in other words, to a switch port that is
active but not connected to a customer device). The customer wants to prevent this from happening again. However,
the customer wants to avoid implementing 802.1X on ports because the IT staff is not prepared to deploy and manage
such a solution.
What is the simplest way to minimize the risk of another unauthorized connection without adding a lot of management
A. Place open ports in a VLAN that is not carried on uplinks.
B. Implement MAC lockdown (as opposed to MAC authentication) on all open ports.
C. Apply MAC authentication to the open ports and allow only known MAC addresses
D. Apply dynamic port access control lists (ACLs) to open ports.
Correct Answer: A

An implementation plan should include an agreed-on time for the final rollback decision. What should this decision be
A. After the cutover to the new solution and the first set of validation tests and just before the user acceptance tests
B. after the first steps of the rollback plan have been implemented, about ten minutes before the end of the maintenance
C. just before the point of no return, which is calculated by subtracting the rollback time from the end of the maintenance
D. ten minutes before the end of the maintenance window or one hour into the implementation, whichever occur first
Correct Answer: C

A network architect is planning a guest solution for a group of ports in a conference room. Guests should have access to
the Internet only. The company wants a simple solution and prefers not to burden visitors with login requests.
Which solution would best meet the company\’s requirements for a gust network?
A. Place the ports in a black-hole VLAN that is not carried on Switch-to-Switch links. Apply a dynamic VLAN for guests
who pass web authentication to a server that allows MAC registration
B. Place the guest ports that is allowed access only to the internet. Optionally configure port isolation.
C. Apply MAC lockdown to the guest ports. Configure switches to place unknown MAC addresses in a VLAN with
access only to the internet
D. Apply web authentication to the guest ports. Use the built-in guest accounts for HP switches to authenticate theusers
Correct Answer: A

A network architect is using the Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) module for HP Intelligent Management Center (MC) to
evaluate traffic patterns in a campus LAN environment. The network architect hopes to use this information to determine
whether the current oversubscription is working well or whether the new plan to have less oversubscription.
What will provide the most useful information for this decision?
A. The peak utilization on uplinks
B. The sum of the average utilization on user edge ports
C. The peak utilization on randomly-selected user edge ports
D. The average utilization on uplinks
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
pass4itsure question

A customer has the solution in the exhibit, which includes more access layer switches than are shown. Members of the
customer network team mention they are considering access layer routing for a new solution to eliminate Spanning Tree
Protocol (STP) and Virtual Router Redundancy protocol (VRRP). However they are concerned about meaning the
routing solution. The network architect proposes a solution that eliminates STP and VRRP without requiring routing at
the access layer, although the solution can use access layer routing.
Which solution fits that description?
A. Two HP 10500 Series, using intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) at the core, HP S400 zl Series switches at theaccess layer
B. Two HP 10500 Series switches, using Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), at the core. HP 2600 Series switch at
the access layer
C. Two HP 8200 zl Series switches, using distributed Trunking, at the core. HP 5400 zl Series switches at the access
D. Two HP zl Series switches, using backplane stacking, at the core. HP 5400 zl Series switches, using the backbone
stacking at the access layer
Correct Answer: B

A network architect is explaining the differences between deploying two switches in an HP Intelligent Resiliency
Framework (IRF) virtual switch and deploying two switches that implement standard Virtual Routing Redundancy
Protocol (VRRP). Which statement correctly describes an advantage of IRF?
A. IRF failover occurs in 3 to 4 seconds, whereas VRPF failover occurs in 10 or more seconds
B. Unlike VRRP, which requires as least two addresses to be listed. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
scopes list a single IP address for the default gateway
C. The IRF virtual switch runs a separate routing in each member, which enhances the redundancy and reliability of the
overall solution
D. Multiple IRF members can actively route traffic for the same subnet and use the same IP address and routing control
Correct Answer: D

A customer has a policy of using open standard protocols to maintain the flexibility to use multiple vendors. Which
protocols are open standard (three.)
Correct Answer: BDF

A network architect is choosing core switches for an enterprise data center. One potential model has a CLOS hardware
architecture, and the other model has a cross-bar architecture. Which customer requirement would cause the network
architect to select switches with CLOS architecture? A. The customer has a multi-tenant data center, which needs to use Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) to segment
the network
B. The customer needs a highly-available core, which is best delivered with Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
C. The customer has relatively small data center and does not have the budget to invest in high performance
D. The customer is planning to scale bandwidth up to 40G/100G in the next several years
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
pass4itsure question
A network architect is proposing an HP 6600 series router at the core of this enterprise customer network. The router
runs Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and announces the customer networks to the internet service provider (ISP). The
router also runs Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) to communicate with the rest of the customer network.
What is an appropriate method for the HP 6604 router to advertise routes to the internet to the other routing switches?
A. The route should redistribute BGP routes OSPF. Areas 1 and 2 should be configured as stub areas to filter out the
external routes
B. The router should advertise BGP routes into OSPF but filter out all routes except the private network that belongs to
the customer
C. The router should redistribute BGP routes into OSPF. The Area Border Routes (ABRs) should summarize those
routes for advertisement in areas 1 and 2
D. The router should advertise a default route as an Autonomous System Router (ASBR) summary to the other routing
devices in area 0
Correct Answer: D

pass4itsure question
Which exhibit shows the better Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) area scheme and for which reason?
A. Exhibit 1 because it allows the application of access control lists (ACLs) between users and the data center
B. Exhibit 1 because the campus and data are separate areas
C. Exhibit 2 because every area has similar numbers of routers
D. Exhibit 1 because every area has fewer than 50 routers
E. Exhibit 2 because every area has fewer than 35 routers
Correct Answer: B

An architect is planning an HP Wired-WLAN solution for an office with approximately 4000 users who will use the
wireless network rather heavily and who need to roam seamlessly. The solution will have 256 MSM 460 APs. What is
one reason for using two HP Wired- WLAN controllers for this solution?
A. Each Wired-WLAN controller can only support 2000 users.
B. The customer needs fast roaming, which requires a mobility solution between two controllers.
C. Forwarding traffic trough two controllers can prevent a bottleneck due to heavy usage.
D. Each Wired-WLAN controller can only support 128APs.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
pass4itsure question
A network architect is proposing this solution to a customer. The customer network manager has a preference for Cisco
VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVST+) because this protocol provides for fast convergence when a link fails and also
provides per-VLAN load- sharing over links.
How would the network architect explain why the solution fits these requirements?
A. The MSTP component of the solution fulfills the same needs as PVST+ MSTP simply balances traffic per instance
rather than per-VLAN
B. The redundant links between the switches are protected by MSTP and the built-in loop guard on HP-3800 switches.
MSTP provides load-sharing and loop guard provides resiliency
C. The solution as shown provides the same load-sharing benefits as PVST+. To achieve the same resiliency benefits,
the architect can add smart link to the meshed stack
D. The link aggregation between tiers provide even better resiliency and load-sharing than PVST+ while MSTP protects
against accidental loops
Correct Answer: D

If a network architect is planning a secure device management policy, why would administrators need to generate SSH
keys on network infrastructure devices?
A. To authenticate managers with a more secure method than passwords
B. To encrypt management traffic and also authenticate managers with asymmetric C. To authenticate managers and assign them privileges according to their identity
D. To encrypt management traffic related to the CLI
Correct Answer: D

A network architect is designing a solution with HP products. A customer has the following requirements for controlling
the management access for administrators:
Administrators are assigned privileges when they log in based on their identity Security policies related to password
complexity and password rotation, like the company\’s Windows domain policies, are enforced for administrator
credentials The company can easily revoke the access of administrator how have the company method Administrator
have a backdoor into the management interface in case network connectivity fails in any way
Which option meets the company\’s requirements?
A. Authentication to a RADIUS server with local authentication as a secondary method
B. Authentication with a password that meets the complexity requirements and is stored locally on each device
C. Authentication to local user accounts with TACACS+ authenticates as a secondary method
D. Authentication to a TACACS+ server
Correct Answer: A

A network architect is designing as a Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) solution for a network. The network
architect plans to create 10 VLANs. The network architect also wants to ensure that the best paths are selected when
interoperating with other spanning tree regional.
Which guideline aids in ensuring best paths between regions?
A. Place five VLANs in one MSTP instance and five in the other instance.
B. Set up the correct priority on the switch that you want to be root in instance 0.
C. Calculate the traffic load for each VLAN and then distribute them accordingly between each MSTP instance.
D. Use the appropriate cost settings for links as specified in the IEEE 802.1t standard.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit
pass4itsure question
The network architect is planning network addresses for the VLANs shown. The company is using the private
space. Which guidelines should the network architect follow?
A. Use a/22 subnet for each VLAN to ensure enough IP addresses for each large modular switch
B. Implement the port isolation feature and apply several /30 subnets to each VLAN
C. Use a/25 subnet for each VLAN to conserve the limited IP addressing space
D. Use a /24 subnet for each VLAN for simplicity and scalability
Correct Answer: D

pass4itsure question
pass4itsure question
A customer has an existing solution, which is shown in Exhibit 1. (The solution actually includes more access layer
switches than shown.) In the existing solution, each access layer switch routes traffic.
A network architect is proposing the HP FlexCampus solution shown in Exhibit 2. In this proposed solution, the core
Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) virtual switch routes traffic but the access layer switches do not. The customer
links that in the existing solution if an access layer uplink fails, failover occurs in less than a second.
The customer also likes that the existing solution does not require Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).
What should the architect tell the customer about the benefits of the proposed solution?
A. Although the solution offers slower failover for the access layer uplinks, it is simpler and eliminates VRRP.
B. STP eliminates the loops on the access layer uplinks and handles failover for them, which speeds convergence.
C. Failover for an access layer uplink occurs in milliseconds, and router redundancy does not require VRRP.
D. IRF handles loop elimination and link failover, which lets VRRP handle router redundancy more efficiently.
Correct Answer: C

pass4itsure question
pass4itsure question
When does this design benefit a virtualized data center?
A. The access layer and core switches use several layers of redundancy protocols, including Multiple Spanning Tree
Protocol (MSTP) at Layer 2, Virtual Router Redundancy Procotol (VRRP) at Layer 3, and Intelligent Resilient
Framework (IRF) at Layer 4.
B. The access layer and core switches can connect on link aggregation groups. VLANs can extend across these
aggregations, but they are more stable and highly-available than redundant Layer 2 links that use spanning tree.
C. The access layer switches can integrate their Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) capabilities with those on the core
switches to create a single CLOS fabric.
D. The core switches can implement Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) to extend tunnels for virtualized traffic
across the data center backbone.
Correct Answer: B

A network architect is choosing fabric module for an HP 10500 Series Switch. Which factors affect the choice?
A. The environment in which the switch will be installed and the direction of the airflow
B. The number of IPv4 and IPv6 routes that the switch must support in its routing table
C. The type of I/O modules and whether full bandwidth must be supported on all ports at the same time
D. The type of management modules and whether these modules operate in hot-standby mode
Correct Answer: C

A customer has a virtualized data center with hosts that are managed by VMware vCenter. The network architect has
proposed the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) Connection Manager (CM) and Resource Automation Manager
(RAM) modules for HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC). The architect also proposed the HP 5900v switches and
the proper server access layer products.
Which technology must the access layer switches that connect to the virtualized servers support?
A. Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)
B. Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
C. Ethernet Virtual Bridging (EVB)/Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA)
D. Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
Correct Answer: B

A network architect is designing a redundancy solution for a customer and has learned that there is a single link
between two critical network components. During the past 4000 hours of operation, the link has failed twice. The
customer estimates that each failure has taken two hours to resolve.
Given this information, what is the availability that this link currently provides?
A. Less than 99.99%
B. 99.9%
C. 99.99%
D. 99.999%
Correct Answer: B

A customer requires high availability for wireless services at branches. The customer also wants to centralize
management and traffic distribution as much as possible. What should the architect suggest?
A. Controlling branch APs with one or more HP 7500/10500 20G Wired-WLAN at the main office and enabling remote-AP features
B. Controlling branch APs with a cluster of HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN switches, one of which is deployed at the main
office and one of which is deployed at the branch
C. Deploying the APs without a controller but managing them with HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Wireless
Services Manager (WSM)
D. Controlling Branch APs with two HP 830 Unified Wired-WLAN switches, which are deployed at the main office
Correct Answer: D

An employer takes the company laptops offsite and connects it to an insecure network. A hacker is able to deploy a
malware application to the laptop. The employer takes the laptop back to the office, where the malware uses the
credentials of the employee to eavesdrop and to implement denial of service (DoS) attacks.
Which security solution would help prevent this type of attack?
A. MAC lockdown
B. A dynamic VPN (DVPN)
C. Port-based security with 802.1X
D. Endpoint integrity
Correct Answer: D

A network is planning the products that interconnect a main site campus LAN, branches, and data center (located at a
different site from campus). Which customer requirement would causes the network architect to choose HP enterprise-
class modular routers as opposed as deep-buffer switches for this solution?
A. The need for WAN connections that use T3/E3/J3
B. The need or a fully redundant solution with two devices working as a team
C. The need for thousand of routes in the routing table
D. The need for high-speed routing
Correct Answer: A

Watch the modules for HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) to the profile of the customer who needs that solution.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Match the customer need with the HP FlexFabric technology that meets the need.
Hot Area:
pass4itsure question
pass4itsure question
Correct Answer:
pass4itsure question

Refer to the exhibit.
pass4itsure question
A network architect is designing the logical topology for a campus LAN networking solution. The customer requires
support for 2400 edge ports, which is provided by 10 intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) groups at the access layer.
This customer does not have a wireless network nor anticipants adding one in the next two years. However, the
customer does want to authenticate users with 802.1X and use the network RADIUS server to divide users from
different groups into different VLANs. The customer has three user groups, each of which includes between 600 and
900 users.
Additionally, the customer understands that the RADIUS server will require several policies but wants to keep these
policies as simple and easy to maintain as possible.
How can the network architect ensure that the solution meets the customer needs and also follows best practice?
A. Assign a /23 subnet to each VLAN so that the VLAN can accommodate the required number of users, even if users
connect multiple devices
B. Plan a different VLAN ID and subnet address for each user group on each access layer IRF group. Either core or
access layer routing will work for this solution
C. Use access layer routing. Assign a different subnet to VLAN2 on one access layer IRF group then the VLAN2 on the
another access layer group
D. Plan a solution for designing dissolvable agents to the endpoints so that they can complete 802.1X authentication
Correct Answer: B

A customer requires high availability, so the network architect is planning two area border (ABRs) for each non-
backbone area in the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) solution. What ensures a loop-free routing environment that
meets the customer needs?
A. All ABRs have at least one interface in area 0, and that interface has an IP address that is outside of the range of any
summaries for area 0 B. Each ABR in an area advertises the same summary routes for the area, and each ABR has a null route that matches
those summaries
C. Only one ABR advertise a summary route for each area. For areas with multiple ABRs, each area can include two
summaries ranges, and each ABR is configured with one of those ranges
D. All ABRs in an area apply consistent path costs for their summary routes
Correct Answer: A

Which Flex Fabric product extends HP switch features to virtual hosts and extends HP VAN Connection Manager
benefits to virtualized environments\’?
A. HP Virtual Connect Manager
B. HP 5900v Virtual Switch
C. HP MSR 2000 router
D. HP Virtual Cloud Networks
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
pass4itsure question

The exhibit shows a proposed design for a data center network infrastructure. The exhibit shows two racks for simplicity.
The data center will actually include more racks.
The customer has these key requirements:
The customer can scale any application and easily install new hardware that supports that application The network
supports vMotion for live migration of virtual machine (VMs)
How should the network architect change the proposed design to meet the customer requirements? A. Replace the rack servers with blade enclosures
B. Add more links between the servers and the access layer
C. Remove routing from the access layer and extend VLANs to multiple racks
D. Add a distribution layer between the access layer and the core
Correct Answer: A

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