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When considering risks, which describes an opportunity in a project?
A. An uncertain event that could have a negative impact on objectives
B. An uncertain event that could have a favourable impact on objectives
C. An event that has occurred resulting in a negative impact on objectives
D. An event that has occurred resulting in a favourable impact on objectives

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 2
Which of the following statements about lines of authority and reporting are true?
The Project Manager has day-to-day control for a management stage within the limits laid,

If a Team Manager forecasts a deviation beyond Work Package tolerances, this should be referred to the Project Manager down by the Project Board.
A. Only 1 is true
B. Only 2 is true
C. Both 1 and 2 are true
D. Neither 1 or 2 are true

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 3
Which may be funded from a risk budget?
A. Corrections due to off-specifications
B. Impact analysis of requests for change
C. Implementation of a fallback plan
D. Preparation of the Risk Management Strategy

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
What is the first task of product-based planning?
A. Produce the Initiation Stage Plan
B. Write the Project Product Description
C. Identify dependencies
D. Create the product breakdown structure

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
How many tasks does the product-based planning technique describe?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
Which is an objective of the quality review technique?
A. To identify a product’s quality criteria
B. To provide assurance that the project is being conducted properly
C. To assess that a product conforms to set criteria
D. To ensure that staff are properly trained in the quality methods

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 7
Which of the following refers to the actions identified to bring a situation to a level where exposure to a risk is acceptable?
A. Risk category
B. Risk description
C. Risk response
D. Risk status

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 8
If an informal issue is defined as a problem or concern, where should it first be recorded?
A. Issue Register
B. Risk Register
C. Daily Log
D. Exception Report

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9
Which of the following statements about the Project Initiation Documentation are true?
The Project Initiation Documentation is used to ensure that a sound basis exists.

The Project Initiation Documentation should be updated at the end of each stage to reflect the current status of a project before the Project Board authorizes a project,
A. Only 1 is true
B. Only 2 is true
C. Both 1 and 2 are true
D. Neither 1 or 2 are true

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 10
Which is the purpose of the Change theme?
A. Prevent change to baselined products
B. Identify, assess and control any potential and approved changes to baselined products
C. Establish mechanisms to monitor and compare actual achievements against those planned
D. Assess and control uncertainty

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 11
Why is a Project Brief produced?
A. To act as a trigger for the Starting up a Project process
B. To record the strategies and management controls to be used by a project
C. To provide a full and firm foundation for the initiation of a project
D. To be used by the Project Board as a basis for reviewing the progress of a project

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 12
Identify the missing words in the following sentence. An objective of the Closing a Project process is to ensure that provision has been made to address [?] through follow-on action recommendations.
A. the measurement of benefits NOT yet realized
B. the handover of products
C. open issues and risks
D. the release of resources

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 13
In what process is the authorization to deliver the project’s products given?
A. Starting up a Project
B. Initiating a Project
C. Managing a Stage Boundary
D. Directing a Project

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 14
Which of the following is NOT part of quality planning?
A. Define quality responsibilities
B. Gain acceptance of the project product
C. Agree acceptance criteria
D. Set quality tolerances

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15
Which should be provided by a project mandate?
A. Terms of reference
B. Detailed Business Case
C. Stage tolerances
D. Initiation Stage Plan

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 16
Which is an objective of the Starting up a Project process?
A. Identify who will be responsible for creating the Project Plan
B. Agree how the project will be monitored and controlled after initiation
C. Authorize the Project Manager to proceed with the initiation stage
D. Agree how issues and changes will be identified, assessed and controlled

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 17
Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence, PRINCE2 recommends three levels of [?] to reflect the needs of the different levels of management involved in a project,
A. Management strategies
B. Plan
C. Stakeholder interests
D. Time-driven controls

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 18
If a project’s benefit tolerance is forecast to be exceeded, to whom should this be escalated to for a decision?
A. Senior User
B. Executive
C. Corporate/programme management
D. Senior Supplier

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 19
Which is a purpose of the Risk theme?
A. Establish a procedure to ensure every change is agreed by the relevant authority before it takes place
B. Establish a cost-effective procedure to identify, assess and control uncertainty
C. Establish mechanisms to control any unacceptable deviations from plan
D. Establish mechanisms to manage risks at the corporate or programme level of an organization

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20
Which is part of the PRINCE2 definition of a project?
A. An undertaking that consists of at least two management stages
B. A description of what must be delivered in order to gain acceptance
C. The total of a plan’s products
D. A temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering business products

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 21
Which is a type of issue?
A. A lesson
B. A request for change
C. An Exception Report
D. A risk with an estimated high impact

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 22
Identify the missing words in the following sentence, The six aspects of project performance to be managed are [?] costs, timescales and scope,
A. benefits, progress, risk,
B. benefits, quality, risk,
C. change, quality, progress,
D. benefits, customers, quality,

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 23
Which task is performed by the Change Authority?
A. Set a change budget
B. Approve or reject a request for change within approved limits
C. Refer changes that exceed budgetary limits to the Project Manager for approval
D. Update the configuration management system when a change is approved

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 24
Identify the missing word in the following sentence, A project’s output is produced during a project but the [?] for the project are often only realized after the project has closed.
A. costs
B. risks
C. benefits
D. issues

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 25
Which process provides the Project Board with the information it requires in order to commit resources to the project?
A. Managing Product Delivery
B. Initiating a Project
C. Controlling a Stage
D. Directing a Project

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
Which PRINCE2 integrated element includes the good practices which determine whether a project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2?
A. Principles
B. Processes
C. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment
D. Themes

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 27
Which should be funded by a change budget?
A. Increase in agreed scope
B. Initiation stage
C. Change Authority
D. Handover activities Correct Answer: A
Which of the following describes a use of a Configuration Item Record?
A. Define the identification scheme to be applied to the project
B. Identify the techniques and procedures required within the Work Package
C. Record the change in a product’s status
D. Record the reporting requirements for the Work Package

Correct Answer: C
Which characteristic distinguishes a project from regular business operations?
A. Produces benefits
B. Introduces business change
C. Manages stakeholders
D. Incurs cost

Correct Answer: B
What process aims to ensure accurate progress information is provided to the Project Manager?
A. Starting up a Project
B. Managing a Stage Boundary
C. Managing Product Delivery
D. Directing a Project

Correct Answer: C

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