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Which three requirements must you meet to install OMSA in a Red Hat Linux environment? (Choose three.)
A. The “ucd-snmp” or “net-snmp” package that is provided with the operating system must be installed.
B. You must purchase the Linux version of OMSA.
C. You must do a custom installation to support Linux.
D. You must be logged in as root.
E. The running kernel must have loadable module support enabled.

Correct Answer: ADE QUESTION 26
What is the correct NIC teaming for the Intel Proprietary Method to accomplish load balancing?

Correct Answer: C
In OpenManage Server Administrator, what does a red X indicate?
A. The component is about to fail.
B. The component has a critical (failure) condition.
C. The component has not been installed.
D. The component has been removed.

Correct Answer: B
Which two are needed to update the ESM on a PowerEdge server? (Choose two.)
A. Windows 9x bootable floppy
B. Windows NT fault-tolerant boot floppy
C. the ESMFLASH utility
D. the SMFLASH utility

Correct Answer: AD
Which two components can be installed in the 0U space found in Dell racks? (Choose two .)
A. Dell Dual-Power Grid Switch
B. Dell flat panel monitor
C. Dell UPS
D. Dell PDU

Correct Answer: AD
If there is a loss of power redundancy on your PowerEdge server, in which three ways can Dell OpenManage IT Assistant report this? (Choose three.)
A. Dell IT Assistant sends an alert to Dell OpenManage Server Administrator.
B. The status panel for that system indicates which power supply failed.
C. An SNMP trap can be logged in the OpenManage IT Assistant.
D. Systems Status is marked as “Warning” in OpenManage IT Assistant.

Correct Answer: BCD
On most PowerEdge servers, the ESM is often updated with newer firmware. Which two devices are also updated by the ESM flash? (Choose two.)
A. System Setup
B. SCSI backplane
C. SCSI controller
D. Power Supply Paralleling Board

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 32
Which three tasks can be accomplished using the System Setup Utility of a Dell PowerEdge Server? (Choose three.)
A. enable the SCSI/RAID controller
B. change the boot order
C. change the Asset Tag information
D. enable or disable all integrated devices in the system

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 33
What is the maximum number of primary partitions allowed by Array Manager for three disk arrays?
A. 15
B. 9
C. 12
D. 6

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 34
Which visual clue alerts you that a virtual disk requires a signature to be written to it?
A. A green plus sign appears on the virtual disk.
B. A red dot with a minus sign appears on the virtual disk.
C. A blue plus sign appears on the virtual disk.
D. A yellow “bang” appears on the virtual disk.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 35
You rename the administrator user name on a Windows Operating System to omsalogin and log in to OpenManage Server Administrator. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. Since you renamed the administrator name, its security ID is changed. Now you cannot log in to Server Administrator.
B. You can launch the Summary page of Server Administrator and view the Operating System and BIOS versions you have installed on your system.
C. Since you renamed the administrator user name, you can log in to Server Administrator as normal user, but not as an administrator.
D. You can update the BIOS on this system.

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 36
You are setting up a RAID using Dell Array Manager. What effect does selecting Express Mode have?
A. It allows settings to be entered before array creation and then performs an unattended setup.
B. It automatically creates an array and installs the operating system with no user input.
C. It performs a quick format on all hard drives.
D. It allows Array Manager to automatically select the RAID level and array size. Correct Answer: D
What happens when you specify a Preferred Primary Adapter in Windows 2000 for an AFT NIC team?
A. You specify which adaptor will take the load until it is saturated, then the other members will start accepting packets until the Preferred Primary is just below the saturation point.
B. You specify which adaptor will take the entire load. The other NICs will be used only when the Preferred Primary fails.
C. You specify the desired card for all incoming traffic for the team. The other members will still transmit outgoing packets.
D. You specify the desired card for all outgoing traffic for the team. The other members will still accept incoming packets.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 38
What is the PCI slot color coding scheme for Dell PowerEdge servers?
A. 33 MHz slots are blue; 66 MHz slots are green.
B. 33 MHz slots are orange; 66 MHz slots are blue.
C. 33 MHz slots are green; 66 MHz slots are cream-colored.
D. 33 MHz slots are cream-colored, 66 MHz slots are green.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 39
Which two features are found on both 24U and 42U Dell racks? (Choose two.)
A. 0U space that can be used for components other than servers and storage
B. integrated redundant 1000 watt power supplies
C. diagnostic LCD panel on the front door
D. split rear door for cable access

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 40
Click the Exhibit button. In Red Hat Linux, which network command produces the o utput shown in the exhibit ?
A. netconfig -r
B. netstat -s
C. ifconfig -a
D. ipconfig

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 41
Which two are provided by riser boards? (Choose two.)
A. redundant power conditioning and distribution for power redundant systems
B. a place to connect up to 16 DIMMs in 4U and larger systems
C. processor mounting parallel to the system board in 2U, quad processor systems
D. PCI slots parallel to the system board in 1U and 2U systems

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 42
What is the purpose of the battery on a PERC?

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