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What is the intended mounting location for a 0U rack mount device in a Dell rack?
A. in the mounting holes in the side walls of the rack
B. in any of the 42U spaces available
C. on the back doors of the rack
D. at the top of the rack

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Which three pieces of information must you provide when using the Dell Server Assistant to install Windows 2000? (Choose three.)
A. hostname
B. time, date, and time zone
C. RAID level and virtual disk size
D. Dell serial number

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 3
What are three recommended solutions for resolving the error with a NIC which stop s communicating? (Choose three.)
A. You install a different adapter in the same slot.
B. You remove and reinstall the drivers.
C. You confirm the Device List. Ctrl setting is set to Adapter-Enabled.
D. You reseat the adapter in its slot or a different slot.

Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 4
What is the correct NIC teaming for the Intel Proprietary Method to accomplish fault tolerance?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
Where in the Dell Server Assistant (DSA) interface can you erase all hard disks in preparation for a manual installation of a new OS?
A. Wipe Clean
B. OS Install Preparation
C. System Tools
D. Resource Configuration Utility

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
Which command line syntax assigns asset tag 12345 to a PowerEdge server using the Asset Tag Utility?
A. asset /d 12345
B. asset /s 12345
C. asset /c 12345
D. asset /r 12345
E. asset 12345

Correct Answer: E
Where in the Dell Server Assistant (DSA) interface can you erase all hard disks in preparation for a manual installation of a new OS?
A. System Tools
B. Setup Wizard
C. Server Setup
D. Drive Utility

Correct Answer: A
Which OpenManage component is the central repository for asset and inventory information?
A. Array Manager
B. Server Agent
C. DRAC II Web Console
D. IT Assistant

Correct Answer: D
If the server is operating normally, the Remote Access Controller allows an administrator to do which two tasks? (Choose two.)
A. perform an orderly shutdown of the server
B. create a utility partition
C. display storage information in a graphical environment
D. manage the server by redirecting the console output to a remote console

Correct Answer: AD
You need to install Intel NIC teaming for Windows 2000 and you do not have access to the Internet. From what two sources can you obtain the PROSet software? (Choose two.)
A. Dell Network Applications CD
B. Windows 2000 Installation CD
C. Intel Network Drivers CD
D. Dell Server Assistant (DSA)

Correct Answer: CD
How many DIMMs are required for the minimum memory configuration on a server with four-way interleaving memory addressing?
A. 4
B. 1
C. 8
D. 2

Correct Answer: A
You just added a new Dell PowerEdge server to the network. In order to use Dell OpenManage IT Assistant to manage it, which three steps do you need to take? (Choose three.)
A. install Dell OpenManage Management Station application on the new server
B. ensure that the new server’s IP address is in the discovery specified for OpenManage IT Assistant
C. install Dell OpenManage Remote Access Controller on the new server
D. install Dell OpenManage Managed System applications on the new server
E. verify the SNMP settings of the new server

Correct Answer: BDE
What are three ways you can flash the BIOS on a PowerEdge server? (Choose three.)
A. using OMSA
B. using Device Manager
C. using ITA
D. using DSA
E. using a floppy diskette

Correct Answer: ACE
Which three statements are true for the OpenManage IT Assistant inventory page? (Choose three.)
A. The number of columns that can be selected at any one time on the inventory page is limited to ten.
B. The inventory page reports the status of a system.
C. Inventory items in the inventory page for a discovered system are updated upon each discovery round.
D. The inventory page supports printing to a printer.
E. The inventory page is sortable by any column.
Correct Answer: CDE
Which two statements are true about executing Server Diagnostics using OMSA? (Choose two.)
A. You can schedule, in advance, as many as three groups of tests to be executed.
B. You must have Admin or Power User privileges to execute the diagnostic tests.
C. The Diagnostic Service is not supported on Red Hat Linux systems.
D. Because a group of tests is executed simultaneously, no other operations should be performed during the tests.
E. You can click Result History to see a record of the results of diagnostic tests that have already been executed.
Correct Answer: BE
What is a dynamic volume as defined by Array Manager?
A. a logical volume that can be created from a dynamic disk
B. a volume that resides in the extended partition of a basic disk
C. a logical volume created from portions of one or more basic disks
D. a physical disk that has been marked as dynamic by Array Manager

Correct Answer: A
Which keystroke is used to designate a single disk as a Hot Spare drive in the LSI Logic PERC controller?
A. <F4>
B. <Space Bar>
C. <Insert>
D. <F10>

Correct Answer: A
You want half of the six hard drives in your server to be on a separate SCSI bus. How would you achieve this?
A. turn on the Split Backplane option in the PERC BIOS
B. split the backplane to a 2×4 backplane
C. add an additional processor to the server
D. split the backplane to a 1×3 backplane

Correct Answer: B
You are configuring network teaming on a PowerEdge server. The server has Windows 2000 installed and you do not know what network adapters are in the system. Without physically opening the chassis, what are two ways to see which network adapters are installed using the operating system? (Choose two.)
A. type ifconfig -a at a command prompt; on the description line, the manufacturer and device type will be named
B. right-click Network Neighborhood, select Properties, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and view protocol-bound adapters
C. type ipconfig /all at the command prompt; on the description line, the manufacturer and device type will be named
D. right-click My Computer, select Manage, left-click Device Manager, expand Network Adapters, and view installed adapters

Correct Answer: CD
Which three hard drive partitions must be defined during the automated Linux installation process? (Choose three.)
A. root
B. logs
C. data
D. boot
E. swap

Correct Answer: ADE
The system administrator of a mixed network environment consisting of both Microsoft Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux wants to take advantage of the embedded NICs on the PowerEdge 2650 servers for network load balancing. Which scenario would work ?
A. You cannot configure network load balancing in multiple Network Operating Systems.
B. configure Windows 2000 servers to use IPX and Linux servers to use IP
C. configure Windows 2000 servers to use IP and Linux servers to use IP
D. configure Windows 2000 servers to use IP and IPX and Linux servers to use IP and IPX

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 22
Which two components can be installed in the 0U space found in Dell racks? (Choose two .)
A. Dell PDU
B. Dell UPS
C. Dell Dual-Power Grid Switch
D. Dell flat panel monitor

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 23
You select the RAID Configuration Utility from the Utility Partition menu. This takes you to the .
A. system setup B. Array Manager C. CERC BIOS

Correct Answer: QUESTION 24
What is required to enable a management application such as Dell OpenManage IT Assistant to receive SNMP traps from Dell OpenManage Server Agent/Server Administrator?
A. You configure the SNMP service on the computer on which OpenManage IT Assistant is running (the management station) to the correct read community name so that it can read the traps correctly .
B. You configure the SNMP service trap destinations on the computer on which Dell OpenManage Server Administrator is running to send traps to the management station (where OpenManage IT Assistant is running).
C. You make sure OpenManage IT Assistant has discovered the managed node running Dell OpenManage Server Administrator.
D. Nothing needs to be done. OpenManage IT Assistant automatically registers to receive traps when it discovers the managed node on which Dell OpenManage Server Administrator is running.

Correct Answer: B

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