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A content management solution has been designed for a company. In order to complete the implementation it will be necessary to remove user access to the content management database for several hours a day for several weeks. How should this requirement be addressed?
A. Solicit the vendors’ input for the best times to conduct implementation tasks.
B. Solicit the solution owner’s input for the best times to conduct implementation tasks.
C. Redesign the solution so that all of the implementation can be handles in one 24-hour period.
D. Indicate to the solution owner that the best time for implementation tasks is 10 pm – 12 am daily.
Answer: B
An Implementation Plan for a new imaging application should contain which activities?
A. Forms design, create the document retention strategy document and layout the workflow rules and roles.
B. integrate the production imaging system into the exsiting netwoke,connect it with the legacy systems,upgrade all of the desktop computers.
C. Verify that images are delivered to the desktop, that the records are written in the database, and check that the images are stored on optical disks.
D. difine production producers,creat user and techcical documention,administration and plan the roll-out in the organization.
Answer: D

Who is most likely to determine the origin of the bottlenecks if the productivity of a new workflow system is
less than expected?
A. End-user
B. Help Desk
C. IT Department
D. System Integrator
Answer: D

A company, Certkiller Inc, is using 90% of its network capacity. They plan to scan 5,000 images per day to a network file server. In order to meet the increased demands on the system, which of the following should be increased?
A. The network bandwidth.
B. The number of scanners.
C. The number of network servers.
D. The number of users on the network.
Answer: A

A customer is implementing a workflow system with electronic dossiers. During the design of the workflow it has been discovered that there are many exceptions to the process. What is the first step in handling the exceptions?
A. Validate exceptions through a third party.
B. Get a commitment on the number of exceptions.
C. Redesign the workflow system to handle every exception.
D. Recommend to the client that business processed be redesigned.
Answer: D

All of the following are inputs to project schedule development EXCEPT:All of the following are inputs to project schedule development EXCEPT:
A. change requests
B. lead- and lag-times.
C. resource requirements.
D. resource availability.
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 7
The Human Resources department receives applications: 10% by fax, 30% by e-mail, and 60% by mail. All applications are two-sided forms. Applications received by mail must be scanned into the Document Management System (DMS). If 300 applications are received by the Human Resources department per week, how many images will be scanned per week?
A. 300
B. 360
C. 400
D. 600
Answer: B
A legal customer wants to place identifying marks on each document as it is scanned. What is the procedure commonly called?
A. Barcoding
B. Imprinting
C. Prefetching
D. Thresholding
Answer: B

A company is required to create a training class for a proposed Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). All of the following factors would be considered for end-user training EXCEPT:
A. the assessed skill level of individuals.
B. the document management needs of the organization.
C. the architecture of the network.
D. the current manual processes regarding documents.
Answer: C

A client wishes to establish a Document Management System (DMS) for handling a large volume of standard documents to be scanned. The client wants to enable search capabilities for certain information on the documents. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate solution?
A. Form recognition and entire document search
B. Form recognition and index search
C. Zonal OCR and entire document search
D. Zonal OCR and index search
Answer: D
Hospital management is implementing a document management system. Research has indicated that
nursing staff who will be using the system feel that they are understaffed and will not have time to enter
the data. However, when questioned it was found that the nursed did not really know what the system
was about. What key factor has been overlooked?
A. A proper public relations exercise was not carried out.
B. Access to a demonstration system has not been provided.
C. Management has not explained that the system must be used.
D. The end-uses have not been engaged in the entire process.
Answer: D

During discovery phase interviews with key personnel, a previously unknown critical document type is identified. What should the next step be?
A. Ignore the document type in order to avoid scope creep
B. Include the document type in the project scope
C. Document the discovery and complete a change order request form
D. Discuss alternatives to including the document type
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 13
A company has a single call center. It will introduce new products that will increase customer service calls. The company wants to handle an increasing number of calls without adding personnel or decreasing customer service levels. Which aspect of workflow technology should it consider?
A. Pre-retrieval of customer folders
B. Sorting of documents in a work queue
C. Load balancing
D. Work monitoring
Answer: A
Companies have always taken precautions with the physical security of their records. Which of the following security precautions is the most important when transmitting electronic documents over the Internet?
A. Digitally sign and watermark all documents before publication.
B. Limit access to the documents using encryption and authentication.
C. Limit access to the documents by implementing a firewall and HTTPS.
D. Require users to enter password and date of birth in order to access documents.
Answer: B

A proposed scanner uses TIFF Group 4 compression. What will be the average size of a black and white A4 sized (8.5 inches x 11 inches or 216 mm x 279 mm) document at 600 dpi (24 dots per mm)?
A. 50 K bytes
B. 180 K bytes
C. 210 K bytes
D. 380 K bytes
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 16
When reviewing potential software choices to propose to a client, the MOST important aspect to consider from the following is:
A. the price of the potential software solution.
B. how well the software meets the clients needs.
C. the cost of the annual maintenance agreement of the software.
D. how robust the software is.
Answer: B
During the presentation of a prototype, a customer realizes that it has left out a critical security component. The customer has already approved the software requirements. What is the appropriate next step for the consultant?
A. Ask the customer for a change request form.
B. Agree to make the changes needed at no cost.
C. Ask the development team to make the changes.
D. Inform the customer that no changes can be made.
Answer: A

A company would like to scan documents for disaster recovery purposes. Which system would be most appropriate?
A. Knowledge Management System (KMS)
B. Image Management System (IMS)
C. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
D. Storage Area Network (SAN)
Answer: B

Many of the documents to be scanned by a customer are sales invoices with a yellow background. A feature of the proposed scanning solution should include:
A. image enhancement.
B. deskew
C. color dropout.
D. color enhancement.
Answer: C
Certkiller revises several procedure documents every year. Multiple individuals review and revise these
documents before final approval. Which would be the best solution?
C. E-mail
D. Workflow
Answer: A

Certkiller accesses a host-based line-of-business application using a standard telnet session and terminal emulator, as well as accessing other electronic documents from their mixed network environment. Documents are typically scanned, routed between departments, and captured from the host print queues.
Which of the following is the most cost-effective solution to implement?
A. An RDBMS integrated into the system using EDI.
B. A host-based workflow system with imaging and COLD capabilities.
C. A custom developed mainframe-based system, including multiple high-speed scanners and printers.
D. A network-based document management system that will use screen-scraping to image-enable the host system.
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 22
A customer is performing incremental backups nightly. At the end of the month they review a list of documents that have reached their end of life and determine if they can be destroyed. Which of the following BEST describes the records storage management process?
A. The customer does not have a records management process.
B. The customer has an informal records management process.
C. The customer has a formal records storage management process.
D. The customer has a document capture process.
Answer: C
A company has contracted with a system integrator to implement a document management system that
includes custom development and integration with its legacy systems. What is the best way to confirm that the proposed system will meet customer expectations?
A. Review the company’s business process.
B. Conduct a software review based upon proof of concept.
C. Confirm the system’s capability during the training process.
D. Provide the customer with complete system technical documentation.
Answer: A
Which of the following are elements of a communication plan?
A. Ethernet and TCP / IP
B. Project charter and project plan
C. E-mail and FTP
D. All-hands meetings and intranet postings
Answer: D


A document that would address the repurposing or reorganization of staff, the benefits of a new system, and the increased market value of staff due to new skills is called a:
A. cultural change management plan.
B. project management plan.
C. human resource plan.
D. project objectives document.
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