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A medical laboratory has implemented a document management solution in which saved reports need to
be faxed to medical practitioners. With the current system, reports are printed from a PC to an inkjet
printer and then the document is faxed manually to the practitioners. How can this system be altered to produce the best return on investment?
A. The system used is the most effective available.
B. Replace the inkjet printers with laser printers.
C. Add a fax modem and fax the documents to practitioners.
D. Use dot-matrix printers because they are less expensive to own and operate.
Answer: C

A business requires its employees to have access to internal documents via the Internet. Which of the following technologies will allow access to those documents and maintain security of the connection?
A. Checksumming
B. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
C. Watermarking
D. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Answer: D

All of the following are routing features of production workflow EXCEPT:
A. work monitoring.
B. support for multiple queues based on work type
C. sorting queues in date order.
D. pending or holding items.
Answer: A
Certkiller processes a very large number of invoices daily that are of non-standard sized and different
thickness. Which of the following is the most important criterion for selecting a scanner for Certkiller ?
B. Lamps
C. High Speed
D. Despeckling
Answer: A

While validating requirements, it becomes apparent that multiple solutions could fit the customers needs. The consultant should:
A. pick the solution they feel is best suited.
B. choose the least expensive option in terms of price to help win the business.
C. present the alternatives to the customer for discussion.
D. pick the most feature rich solution.
Answer: C

A member of the implementation team discovers that the software vendor is issuing a new version. Which one of the following should be done?
A. Upgrade after the project completion date
B. Research the new product to understand its features
C. Inform the business sponsors
D. Notify the Project Manager
Answer: D
Certkiller is capturing index-size cards with a document management system. Each document is
approximately 5KB. The retention requirement is six months. The document retrieval rates are highest
during the first 90 days of the document life cycle. Which document storage type would best fit Certkiller ‘s requirements?
Answer: C

A local library keeps many important documents relating to the historical landmarks in town. The documents consist of blueprints, photographs, and newspaper articles. The library wants to capture the documents electronically so they can be viewed online. The first concern of the person capturing the documents would be the:
A. color of the documents.
B. age and physical condition of the documents.
C. volume of the documents on file.
D. number of file cabinets.
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 34
What is a disadvantage of scanning all images at the highest resolution possible?
A. Higher expense
B. Lower quality
C. Small file size
D. Compatibility issues
Answer: A
A Purchasing Department is using terminal emulation software as a part of an enterprise accounting
system in a mainframe environment. They are planning to deploy an imaging subsystem that will allow
them to scan all invoices and bills of materials. Which of the following is the best integration technique that facilitates the use of information from a mainframe database as indexing data?
A. Screen Scarping
B. Forms Processing
C. VTAM communications
D. LU6.2 communications
Answer: A

The proposed project plan requires that documents must have a file plan and track all access attempts. What MUST be part of this solution?
A. A records management system
B. A storage management system
C. A scan subsystem
D. Annotation and redaction capabilities
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 37
One of the largest obstacles when implementing a Document Imaging System (DIS) is:
A. labor cost.
B. resistance to change.
C. difficulty of use
D. high cost of storage.
Answer: B
Which user interface feature would best serve a user that needs to quickly review a 10-page document to locate a drawing in the document?
A. Zoom
B. Redaction
C. Thumbnail
D. Full-text search
Answer: C

In order to scope out the document workflow of a prospective hotel client, the imaging consultant would perform which of the following actions?
A. Interview C-level management and a sampling of division heads to get their input on what the imaging solution needs to incorporate
B. Conduct a written survey only of all employees, mix-up the responses, and select random responses to represent the client needs
C. Consult with purchasing to determine what specification they would recommend given the project budget
D. Perform a dual track approach by conducting focus group interviews of decision makers and users, also follow up with direct observation of sample users in their work areas
Answer: D

What items need to be evaluated when choosing a scanner?
A. Interface, resolution, and paper handling
B. Documents, images, and storage medium
C. Resolution, compression, and memory
D. Workflow, ease of use, and productivity
Answer: A

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