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  • Vendor: CompTIA
  • Certifications: CompTIA Project+
  • Exam Code: PK0-004
  • Exam Name: CompTIA Project +
  • Q&As: 505

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A project manager is reviewing project performance. Which of the following would be the BEST indicator of the total
project cost?
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following documents does a vendor rely on MOST before committing funding and resources to a project?
Correct Answer: A
References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 299

A project team on a four-year project has a shortage of workspace within an office. Which of the following is the MOST
viable solution for the project team while ensuring work hours are not wasted?
A. Secure a new facility, permit remote work, and reduce staff.
B. Reduce staff, implement BYOD, and permit remote work.
C. Implement BYOD, secure a new facility, and utilize shared workspaces.
D. Permit remote work, utilize shared workspaces, and implement BYOD.
Correct Answer: D

The project schedule performance index is 1.1, and the cost performance index is 0.9. Which of the following describes
the project status?
A. Ahead of schedule and over budget
B. Behind schedule and under budget
C. Ahead of schedule and under budget
D. Behind schedule and over budget
Correct Answer: C

A project manager has taken over a project that is already in progress. The project manager notices the functional
manager of one team is unaware of the current progress. Which of the following should the project manager do?
(Choose two.)
A. Update the project charter to include the functional manager as a key stakeholder
B. Publish the project schedule to the functional manager
C. Review the communications plan to ensure proper involvement
D. Add the incident to the issue log and seek resolution
E. Ensure the functional manager is on the status report distribution list
Correct Answer: AC

After identifying all known tasks, the project manager has started to sequence and set durations.
Which of the following describes how the project manager should BEST determine the initial sequence and durations?
A. Use milestones identified in the project charter.
B. Use data based on past knowledge.
C. Hold a full team workshop to review the complete WBS.
D. Collaborate with other project managers.
Correct Answer: A

Based on the table below:

Alnaba pk0-004 exam questions-q7

Which of the following is the total float for the critical path?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Correct Answer: A

A project manager is trying to ensure the quality of the design and reduce the number of potential defects. The project
manager would like to use the fishbone diagram to perform this analysis.
This type of modeling relies on:
A. Prioritizing the specific event.
B. Variance in the process over time.
C. Causes of a specific event.
D. Determining the number of events.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following documents should be used FIRST when addressing a vendor that is not complying with the
project deliverables?
B. Project charter
C. Risk register
Correct Answer: A

A project team is mainly based in a metropolitan area. The team also has members in a remote area, where Internet
access is limited and unstable. Which of the following factors will MOST likely influence the communication methods
used in the project?
A. Personal preferences
B. Technological factors
C. Language barriers
D. Cultural differences
Correct Answer: B
References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 270

A project team has purchased computers with warranties extending throughout the entire project. Which of the following
represents the risk strategy utilized?
A. Transfer
B. Share
C. Mitigate
D. Avoid
Correct Answer: C

In which of the following categories does a business process change fit?
A. Project change
B. Organizational change
C. General change
D. Departmental change
Correct Answer: B
“Business process changes typically occur within the organization. An example of a business process change is
automating a process that previously was performed on paper. If your project has anything to do with this process or is
by the process, changes will be coming your way”
Excerpt From: Kim Heldman. “CompTIA Project+ Study Guide.” iBooks.

During the storming stage of a project team\\’s development, it is common to experience confusion about tasks and
responsibilities because:
A. there is unfamiliarity with the project structure.
B. there is a lack of trust among team members.
C. there are minimal team decisions.
D. there is no engagement of the team by the project manager.
Correct Answer: B

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SY0-401 vs SY0-501 – What’s the Difference?

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Anne, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has reported that she is getting multiple telephone calls from someone
claiming to be from the helpdesk. The caller is asking to verify her network authentication credentials because her
computer is broadcasting across the network.
This is MOST likely which of the following types of attacks?
A. Vishing
B. Impersonation
C. Spim
D. Scareware
Correct Answer: A

A security administrator is evaluating three different services: radius, diameter, and Kerberos.
Which of the following is a feature that is UNIQUE to Kerberos?
A. It provides authentication services
B. It uses tickets to identify authenticated users
C. It provides single sign-on capability
D. It uses XML for cross-platform interoperability
Correct Answer: B

Joe, a user, wants to send Ann, another user, a confidential document electronically. Which of the following should Joe
do to ensure the document is protected from eavesdropping?
A. Encrypt it with Joe\\’s private key
B. Encrypt it with Joe\\’s public key
C. Encrypt it with Ann\\’s private key
D. Encrypt it with Ann\\’s public key
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is the proper order for logging a user into a system from the first step to the last step?
A. Identification, authentication, authorization
B. Identification, authorization, authentication
C. Authentication, identification, authorization
D. Authentication, identification, authorization
E. Authorization, identification, authentication
Correct Answer: A

A security administrator is reviewing the following network capture:

Pass4itsure comptia security+ sy0-501 exam questions q5

Which of the following malware is MOST likely to generate the above information?
A. Keylogger
B. Ransomware
C. Logic bomb
D. Adware
Correct Answer: A

In a corporation where compute utilization spikes several times a year, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has
requested a cost-effective architecture to handle the variable capacity demand. Which of the following characteristics
BEST describes what the CIO has requested?
A. Elasticity
B. Scalability
C. High availability
D. Redundancy
Correct Answer: A
Elasticity is defined as “the degree to which a system is able to adapt to workload changes by provisioning and deprovisioning resources in an autonomic manner, such that at each point in time the available resources match the current demand as closely as possible”.

Which of the following can be used to control specific commands that can be executed on a network infrastructure
B. Kerberos
Correct Answer: D

At the outside break area, an employee, Ann, asked another employee to let her into the building because her badge is
missing. Which of the following does this describe?
A. Shoulder surfing
B. Tailgating
C. Whaling
D. Impersonation
Correct Answer: B

A cybersecurity analyst is looking into the payload of a random packet capture file that was selected for analysis. The
analyst notices that an internal host had a socket established with another internal host over a non-standard port. Upon
investigation, the origin host that initiated the socket shows this output:

Pass4itsure comptia security sy0-501 exam questions q9

Given the above output, which of the following commands would have established the questionable socket?
A. traceroute
B. ping -1 30 -a 600
C. nc -1 -p 9856
D. pskill pid 9487
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following attack types BEST describes a client-side attack that is used to manipulate an HTML iframe with
JavaScript code via a web browser?
A. Buffer overflow
Correct Answer: C

A security analyst is hardening a server with the directory services role installed. The analyst must ensure LDAP traffic
cannot be monitored or sniffed and maintains compatibility with LDAP clients. Which of the following should the analyst
implement to meet these requirements? (Select two.)
A. Generate an X.509-compliant certificate that is signed by a trusted CA.
B. Install and configure an SSH tunnel on the LDAP server.
C. Ensure port 389 is open between the clients and the servers using the communication.
D. Ensure port 636 is open between the clients and the servers using the communication.
E. Remote the LDAP directory service role from the server.
Correct Answer: AD

A security analyst is working on a project that requires the implementation of a stream cipher. Which of the following
should the analyst use?
A. Hash function
B. Elliptic curve
C. Symmetric algorithm
D. Public key cryptography
Correct Answer: C

While performing surveillance activities, an attacker determines that an organization is using 802.1X to secure LAN
Which of the following attack mechanisms can the attacker utilize to bypass the identified network security?
A. MAC spoofing
B. Pharming
C. Xmas attack
D. ARP poisoning
Correct Answer: A


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The legacy program for sending files to the printer queues from the command line is which of the following?
A. lpd
B. lpr
C. lpq
D. lpp
LX0-102 exam Correct Answer: B
Which of the following statements would create a default route using a gateway of
A. netstat -add default gw
B. route default
C. ip route default
D. route add default gw
E. ifconfig default gw eth0
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is the purpose of the dig command?
A. To adjust a directory’s hidden permissions
B. To search for files on the filesystem
C. To adjust a file’s hidden permissions
D. To perform hostname lookups
E. To ping all known hosts on the current subnet
LX0-102 dump Correct Answer: D
Which of the following configuration files does sudo read when determining if a user is permitted to run applications with root privileges?
A. /etc/groups
B. /etc/passwd
C. /etc/sudoers
D. /etc/sudo.conf
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following commands will set the local machine’s timezone to UTC?
A. cat UTC > /etc/timezone
B. ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime
C. date –timezone=UTC
D. mv /usr/timezone/UTC /etc
LX0-102 pdf Correct Answer: B
Question: 6
You are the project manager of the AMD project for your organization. In this project, you are currently performing quantitative risk analysis. The tool and technique you are using is simulation where the project model is computed many times with the input values chosen at random for each iteration. The goal is to create a probability distribution from the iterations for the project schedule. What technique will you use with this simulation?
A. Pareto modeling
B. Expected Monetary Value
C. Monte Carlo Technique
D. Analogous modeling
Answer: C
Question: 7
Robert is the business analyst for his organization and he’s working with several stakeholders to identify the business need for an opportunity. Robert needs to identify the stakeholder that will be responsible for authorizing the actions needed in order to meet the identified business need. Which stakeholder does Robert need to identify?
A. Regulator
B. Implementation Subject Matter Expert
C. Sponsor
D. Customer
LX0-102 vce Answer: C
Question: 8
Which of the following levels of Gartner’s cost optimization framework describes the right kind of partnership with IT vendors, which can benefit each party in times of economic upturns?
A. Cost Savings within IT
B. Joint Business and IT Cost Savings
C. IT Procurement
D. Enabling Innovation and Business Restructuring
Answer: C
Question: 9
Which conduct stakeholder analysis technique is useful for identifying shared characteristics of a stakeholder group?
A. Brainstorming
B. Scope modeling
C. Interviews
D. Surveys
LX0-102 exam Answer: D
Question: 10
Which of the following are parts of SWOT Analysis? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Optimism
B. Threats
C. Weaknesses
D. Opportunities
E. Tools
F. Strengths
Answer: B,C,D,F
Question: 11
You are the project manager of the NNN project for your company. You and the project team are working together to plan the risk responses for the project. You feel that the team has successfully completed the risk response planning and now you must initiate what risk process it is. Which of the following risk processes is repeated after the plan risk responses to determine if the overall project risk has been satisfactorily decreased?
A. Risk response implementation
B. Quantitative risk analysis
C. Risk identification
D. Qualitative risk analysis
LX0-102 dump Answer: B
Question: 12
You are the project manager for your company and a new change request has been approved for your project. This change request, however, has introduced several new risks to the project. You have communicated these risk events and the project stakeholders understand the possible effects these risks could have on your project. You elect to create a mitigation response for the identified risk events. Where will you record the mitigation response?
A. Risk log
B. Risk management plan
C. Risk register
D. Project management plan
Answer: C
Question: 13
Which positive risk response best describes a teaming agreement?
A. Enhance
B. Exploit
C. Share
D. Venture
LX0-102 pdf Answer: C
Question: 14
Your project is an agricultural-based project that deals with plant irrigation systems. You have discovered a byproduct in your project that your organization could use to make a profityou’re your organization seizes this opportunity it would be an example of what risk response?
A. Exploiting
B. Positive
C. Opportunistic
D. Enhancing
Answer: A
Question: 15
Which document refers to the steps that must be taken if there is a major gap in the projected delivery quality of a service and the actual delivery?
A. Service Improvement Plan
B. Service Quality Plan
C. Business Service Catalogue
D. Service Level Agreement
LX0-102 vce Answer: A
Question: 16
Which of the following responsibilities are performed by the core team of IT governance? Each correct answer represents a
complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Provide service feedback to providers.
B. Undertake core tasks.
C. Define plan and deliverables.
D. Report on process.
Answer: B,C,D
Question: 17
Which of the following IT governance frameworks provides governance of IT investments, produced by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI), and is a formal statement of principles and processes for IT portfolio management?
B. Val IT
C. Risk IT
LX0-102 exam Answer: B
Question: 18
Which of the following roles in Service Design is responsible for delivering a particular service within the agreed service levels and also acts as the counterpart of the Service Level Manager when negotiating OLAs?
A. The Service Design Manager
B. The Service Level Manager
C. The Service Owner
D. The Service Catalogue Manager
Answer: C
Question: 19
Harold is the project manager of a large project in his organization. He has been actively communicating and working with the project stakeholders. One of the outputs of the manage stakeholder expectations process can actually create new risk events for Harold’s project. Which output of the manage stakeholder expectations process can create risks?
A. Project management plan updates
B. Project document updates
C. Change requests
D. Organizational process assets updates
LX0-102 dump Answer: C
Question: 20
Which of the following concepts is the business practice of developing and implementing comprehensive risk management and security practices for a firm’s entire value chain?
Answer: D
What detail property includes the local Time Zone value of a managed machine?
A. VirusScan Enterprise Properties

B. McAfee Agent Properties
C. Host Intrusion Preventions Properties
D. System Information Properties
LX0-102 pdf Correct Answer: D
Which of the following command line options for the cmdagent.exe will check for new policies and enforces them immediately upon receipt?
A. /N
B. /P
C. /C
D. /E
Correct Answer: C
When performing the On-Demand scan, what System utilization settings are affected?
A. Cookie
B. Registry
C. Encrypted files
D. Targeted files
LX0-102 vce Correct Answer: D
How many managed machines are required before it is recommended to use a dedicated ePO server?
A. 50
B. 500
C. 5000
D. 50000
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following are valid deployment package types? (Choose two)
A. Catalog.z
B. Agent Language pack
C. Extradat
D. Artemis pack
E. ePOMain
LX0-102 exam Correct Answer: BC
Framework Service is responsible for which of the following functions? (Choose two)
A. Schedule Server Tasks
B. Enforce Policies
C. Collect and Send system Properties
D. Scan for threats and vulnerabilities
E. Policy throttling

Correct Answer: BC
When configuring a Synchronization Type for a group within the System Tree which of the following is a valid choice? (Choose three)
A. Leave systems in their current system tree location only
B. Add systems to the synchronized group and leave them in the current system tree location
C. Add systems to the synchronized group and delete duplicate entries
D. Add systems to the synchronized group and mark duplicate entries
E. Move systems from their current system tree location to the synchronized group
LX0-102 dump Correct Answer: ABD
What is the default number of sensors that will be active per subnet?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following are available within the Policy Catalog? (Choose three)
A. Share
B. Duplicate
C. Assign
D. View
E. Lock
LX0-102 pdf Correct Answer: ABD
What is the maximum amount of time in seconds that can be configured for ping timeout in the McAfee
Agent policy?
A. 15
B. 30
C. 60
D. 90
Correct Answer: C
What protocol is used for secure communication between the McAfee Agent and server?
LX0-102 vce Correct Answer: B
Which file found in the \Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\conf directory needs to be modified to change the default ePO Console session timeout?
A. server.xml
B. web.xml
C. tomcat-users.xml
D. context.xml
Correct Answer: B
What utility is used to create a custom VirusScan installation package that contains updated DAT and engine files?
A. Deployment task
B. Manual install
C. Installation Designer
D. MSI Installer
LX0-102 exam Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is an available default notification rule?
A. Daily known category notification
B. Virus detected and not removed
C. Virus detected and removed
D. Non-complaint computer detected
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following uses a proprietary SPIPE protocol to encapsulate unsecured HTTP traffic?
A. PA Agent
B. HIPS Agent
C. DLP Agent
D. McAfee Agent
LX0-102 dump Correct Answer: D
Which of the following services is related to Super Agents?
A. Framework
B. Application Server
C. Event Parser
D. Tomcat
Correct Answer: A
Question No : 37  Assuming only the user role seen below and no access deny rules, will an operator with only the User role be able to open instance of MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-Benefits? (Choose One)
A. Yes, the value 5 from MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work is inherited
B. Yes, a blank cell means the access is granted
C. No, inheritance is not used at all in security processing
D. No, only the most relevant class is evaluated
LX0-102 pdf Answer: D
Question No : 38 Which of the following is the most appropriate way to limit which operators can execute a particular flow action? (Choose One)
A. A When rule referenced on the flow action form
B. A privilege referenced on the flow action form
C. A Rule-Obj-Validate referenced on the flow action form
D. An activity, that calls a decision rule, referenced on the flow action form
Answer: B
Question No: 39 Assuming all other factors equal, which flow action will be available to the most operators? (Choose One)
A. The flow action with no privileges listed
B. The flow action with 1 privilege listed
C. The flow action with 2 privileges listed
D. All three flow actions will be available to the same number of users.
LX0-102 vce Answer: A
Question No: 40  Which of the following statements is least accurate about the PAL tool? (Choose One)
A. It displays the total bytes of data read from the blob in that reading
B. It suggests the recommended action needed to fix the issue
C. The readings can be exported to Excel
D. It is always gathering data
Answer: B
Question No: 41 Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding alerts? (Choose One)
A. Alert Messages are saved in the PRPC database
B. My Alerts include the system exceptions that are logged in the user session
C. The alert message also includes the rule warning message
D. Alert thresholds can be configured by adding the entry directly in prconfig.xml
LX0-102 exam Answer: D

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When a workflow system is designed, what technique can be used to speed up approval cycles for documents when multiple people are involved?
A. Parallel routing
B. Multiple servers
C. Sequential routing
D. Automatic recognition
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 72
A component of designing the input environment would include:
A. document quality.
B. printing volume.
C. storage media.
D. print media.
Answer: A
An international corporation with offices in ten Third World countries is going paperless. Which of the following technologies will likely be utilized?
A. Wireless / Satellite
B. T-1 / Frame relay
C. Land-based telephone lines
D. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
Answer: A

A software modification is being implemented on an existing document management system. Which information is the LEAST important to communicate to the solution owner?
A. List of software fixes and patches.
B. Scheduled maintenance window.
C. Full description of system changes.
D. Roll back strategy if software modification fails.
Answer: B
Which method of indexing would be the MOST labor intensive?
A. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
B. Bar Coding
C. Zonal OCR
D. Heads-down indexing
Answer: D

A customer has a mixed OS environment and they wish to consolidate all their documents onto a server running one OS. Which of the following solutions would be the most cost effective, and allow all the users to access the documents on the server?
A. Install dual boot clients
B. A browser-based client
C. Provide dialup access to the server from all clients
D. Migrate to the same OS that runs on the server
Answer: B

When a consultant recommends a scanner to a client, what percentage of the scanned pages need to be
two-sided in order to cost justify a duplex scanner?
A. 10-20%
B. 30-40%
C. 50-60%
D. 70-80%
Answer: A
When selecting a scanner, all of the following criteria need to be considered EXCEPT:
A. monthly duty cycle.
B. paper size.
C. simplex or duplex.
D. OCR throughput.
Answer: D
Which of the following would be the BEST way to obtain customer commitment for a document imaging project?
A. Executive briefing with only senior management
B. Onsite demonstration with customers documents
C. A series of white papers on the solution
D. Onsite demonstration with the consultants prepared documents
Answer: B

Certkiller had designed a new system for processing and then viewing the student records from the Web.
Each student has one image(8?” x 11″) that was scanned at 300 dpi and when compressed takes up
approximate 52KB of space. Which of the following methods has been used to store the image?
A. DjVu
B. LDF LuraDoc
Answer: D

In order to allow for the encrypted access of documents over the web, the web server should support:
A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
C. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).
Answer: A

The customer requires that the database be accessible by third party reporting tools. Which option BEST allows the database to comply with this requirement?
A. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant
B. Full text search capabilities
C. Availability of user views
D. FTP accessible
Answer: A

What is one advantage of using a “group” to secure access to a type document or folder rather than assigning permissions to individual system users?
A. Group security provides stronger security than individual security on documents.
B. It is easier to see who has access to a document by group name than by user’s names.
C. Imaging systems only provide security at group levels and it is impossible to secure documents by user.
D. As conditions change it is easier to remove or add users to a group than to track individual permissions.
Answer: D

The Return on Investment (ROI) of the proposed Document Management System (DMS) is BEST reviewed with the:
A. Chief Information Officer (CIO).
B. help desk.
C. IT department.
D. network administrator.
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 85
A client bills customers with invoices generated on a laser printer. The invoice includes a payment stub that is mailed back to the client with payment. Currently, the client scans the payment stub and check by utilizing heads-up indexing to apply the index information. Which of the following methods would be the easiest and LEAST expensive to index the scanned images?
A. Continue with current method of heads-up indexing of scanned payments
B. Create Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or bar coded coversheets that are placed at the beginning of each payment when scanned with index information
C. Continue printing invoices on a laser printer but include a bar code with index information on the submission stub
D. Purchase indexing software and hardware to automate this process
Answer: C
Topic 2, B
An organization is migrating from an older document imaging system to a new system. What is the most important risk to consider first?
A. Barcode compatibility.
B. Lack of documentation.
C. Reliable and accurate retrieval.
D. Database capacity and transfer rate.
Answer: C
An organization currently microfilms all source documents. While filming, the source document is unavailable for a minimum of three days. A document imaging system has been proposed where documents will now be scanned. What is the best advantage of the proposed system?
A. Scanned images are higher quality.

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Which documents should the Project Manager for a system integrator review with the customer to manage long-term expectations approximately?
A. Issues Log and Training Plan.
B. Service Level Agreement and Change Order Procedures.
C. Business Process Analysis Document and Gap Analysis.
D. User Technical Documentation and Implementation Schedule.
Answer: C

A mainframe-based company would like to make bills available online while continuing to mail them to the customer. Customers, as well as customer service personnel, will view these bills. What type of solution is MOST appropriate?
A. COLD/Enterprise Report Management (ERM)
B. Document Management System (DMS)
C. Web Content Management System (WCMS)
D. High volume scan subsystem
Answer: A

The Document Management System (DMS) will be backed up weekly with media being reused after becoming 30 days old. Which media type is MOST appropriate for this type of usage?
A. CD -R
C. Tape
Answer: C
Which of the following standards allows typical office applications to have access to document management
D. ActiveX
Answer: C

A company states that they must keep accounting documents for seven years. This information is MOST relevant when:
A. determining scanned image resolutions.
B. selecting scanner throughput.
C. determining Document Management System (DMS) retention policies.
D. determining DMS security roles.
Answer: C
A potential risk to a project could be:
A. regular Project Manager meetings.
B. a risk analysis session.
C. creating an assumptions document.
D. allowing scope creep.
Answer: D
A system implementation is complete when which of the following has occurred?
A. All users have been trained and are able to use the system.
B. All system components have been installed and the system runs well.
C. The system administrators have reviewed the system and accepted responsibility for it.
D. The completion standards defined in the agreement have been met and the system performs as described.
Answer: D

Documents on an integrated server are increasing in volume and need to be available in an online status. Which of the following methods is the MOST appropriate regarding low cost, ease of upgrade, and management?
A. Network Attached Storage (NAS)
B. Storage Area Network (SAN)
Answer: A

In reviewing the requirements section of a Request For Information (RFI) the consultant notes that the customer is seeking a Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) solution. The consultants Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) does not output to COLD but rather to RAID. Which option is the BEST solution for the consultant?
A. Do not respond to the RFI. It is not worth the effort given the incompatibility of the technology.
B. Respond to the RFI noting that although COLD has many benefits, most of the benefits can be achieved through RAID with much less cost.
C. Respond to the RFI stating that COLD can be implemented via RAID. Develop the justification in a detailed implementation plan.
D. Respond to the RFI by stating that COLD can be implemented using microfilm. Develop the justification in a detailed implementation plan.
Answer: B

The completion standards defined in the agreement have been met and the system performs as described.
A. Use RAID5 SCSI devices.
B. Work two shifts per day.
C. Produce a back-up scanner.
D. Invest in a single high-quality scanner.
Answer: C

The accounting department produces 175 documents per day. 20% of those documents are faxes with the rest being printed single page orders. Faxes do not require scanning. How many scanned images will the accounting department produce per a five day work week?
A. 140 images
B. 175 images
C. 700 images
D. 875 images
Answer: C

A company has a vision of all employees having access to a common, user customizable web interface where they will gain access to all corporate applications needed. The company is asking for a:
A. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
B. web application server.
C. Windows Desktop application.
D. portal interface.
Answer: D QUESTION NO: 53
The accounting department has 400,000 images in a jukebox located in the computer room. They expect
the volume to increase by 50% next month. So far, image retrieval response is fair. Which of the following changes will improve performance with a minimal investment?
A. Physically move the jukebox to the accounting department.
B. Move the bridge inside the network segment of the accounting department.
C. Move the jukebox inside the network segment of the accounting department.
D. Move the database inside the network segment of the accounting department.
Answer: C
When identifying the impact of the proposed solution on an existing network, the following MUST be considered:
A. TWAIN or ISIS scanners.
B. peak capture load.
C. number of display terminals.
D. flatbed or sheet-fed scanners.
Answer: B

The technician is required to implement a proof-of-concept for a proposed solution. Which of the following would absolutely be included on the proof-of-concept document?
A. Final purchase price for the software
B. Software escrow agreement
C. Required items to be tested and proved
D. Purchase order terms and conditions
Answer: C

What are common levels of security when accessing a document in a Document Management System?
A. Read-only, write access and full access.
B. A hidden document and an unhidden document.
C. A protected document and an unprotected document.
D. No access, read access, write access and delete access.
Answer: D
A client has requested that proof of OCR accuracy of the proposed solution be provided. The client is convinced that since the OCR engine has 99% accuracy, indexing is not necessary. To provide justification for including indexing in the solution, seven pages (with each page having 5,000 characters) have been scanned. How many characters will NOT be accurately recognized?
A. 30
B. 35
C. 300
D. 350
Answer: D
Which of the following ways to obtain information for a requirements document would render the BEST information?
A. Viewing the company website
B. Reading the companys Request For Information (RFI)
C. Interactive meeting with line-of-business managers
D. Reading the organizations annual report
Answer: C
A large volume of surveys are distributed, returned, and scanned. These surveys have text boxes and
check boxes. Which is the best technology for capturing these documents, indexing them, and extracting the data?
B. Workflow
C. Forms processing
D. Document Imaging
Answer: B
Which of the following would be considered a project?
A. The daily backup of scanned images
B. The implementation of an enterprise content system
C. Adding a new user to the document management security database
D. The continual improvement of a business process
Answer: B

The customers help desk requires remote management of the devices proposed. The proposed solution only supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) discovery as a means to monitor the devices. To ensure that this proposal meets the customers requirements, this item should be discussed with the:
A. end-user.
B. help desk.
C. IT department.
D. Chief Information Officer (CIO).
Answer: C

Certkiller has determined that it should make use of a high-volume, enterprise-oriented SQL compliant
database solution. Which of the following is the LEAST appropriate choice for the company?
A. DB2
B. Oracle
C. Sybase
D. Microsoft Access
Answer: D
The scanned file size of an 8.5 x 11 inches (A4) page with 300 dpi (12 dots per mm) resolution and a bit depth of one at TIFF Group 4 compression is:
A. 25 KB.
B. 50 KB
C. 75 KB.
D. 100 KB.
Answer: B

During Document Management System (DMS) implementation, a scope change occurs:
A. when a defined task has been completed.
B. when a modification to the agreed project plan has occurred.
C. immediately after signing off on the project.
D. when the project has been completed.
Answer: B

A client has to output documents and their associated metadata to many disparate systems, most of
which are not controlled by the client. Which of the following technologies would best facilitate this output?
Answer: A

A financial services company receives 90,000 one-page documents per day in one batch. All scanning must be completed within one hour of receipt without exception. Failure to meet the one-hour deadline has grave financial consequences. The company has allocated enough document preparation personnel to keep the scanners fully fed. Which of the following scanner configurations should be recommended?
A. Five 300 pages per minute (ppm) scanners
B. Eight 200 ppm scanners
C. Nine 200 ppm scanners
D. Ten 150 ppm scanners
Answer: C

A scanning operator in a law firm will be scanning a large volume of documents that will be submitted electronically to a court. The scanning operator should have knowledge of:
A. Printer Control Language (PCL).
B. imprinting.
C. endorsing.
D. TIFF tags.
Answer: B
When a disaster recover plan is designed, a company should do which of the following?
A. Hire a records manager.
B. Move all of the records off site.
C. Consider the cost implementation.
D. Identify the vital records within the organization.
Answer: D
A title company wishes to scope out its residential mortgage packaging business process. All of the mortgage packets are internally received at a central office. How should a consultant next proceed in the identification phase?
A. Locate key stakeholder groups and observe the workflow in action
B. Conduct focus groups with members of each department
C. Develop a detailed process workflow and refer back to all the participating decision makers
D. Conduct an electronic survey to all the customers employees documenting the responses in a project database
Answer: A

While reviewing a projects proposed timeline, it is found that the Document Management System (DMS) rollout schedule is unrealistic. A discussion should be held FIRST with the:
A. Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
B. project sponsor.
C. end-users.
D. system storage managers.
Answer: B

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A medical laboratory has implemented a document management solution in which saved reports need to
be faxed to medical practitioners. With the current system, reports are printed from a PC to an inkjet
printer and then the document is faxed manually to the practitioners. How can this system be altered to produce the best return on investment?
A. The system used is the most effective available.
B. Replace the inkjet printers with laser printers.
C. Add a fax modem and fax the documents to practitioners.
D. Use dot-matrix printers because they are less expensive to own and operate.
Answer: C

A business requires its employees to have access to internal documents via the Internet. Which of the following technologies will allow access to those documents and maintain security of the connection?
A. Checksumming
B. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
C. Watermarking
D. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Answer: D

All of the following are routing features of production workflow EXCEPT:
A. work monitoring.
B. support for multiple queues based on work type
C. sorting queues in date order.
D. pending or holding items.
Answer: A
Certkiller processes a very large number of invoices daily that are of non-standard sized and different
thickness. Which of the following is the most important criterion for selecting a scanner for Certkiller ?
B. Lamps
C. High Speed
D. Despeckling
Answer: A

While validating requirements, it becomes apparent that multiple solutions could fit the customers needs. The consultant should:
A. pick the solution they feel is best suited.
B. choose the least expensive option in terms of price to help win the business.
C. present the alternatives to the customer for discussion.
D. pick the most feature rich solution.
Answer: C

A member of the implementation team discovers that the software vendor is issuing a new version. Which one of the following should be done?
A. Upgrade after the project completion date
B. Research the new product to understand its features
C. Inform the business sponsors
D. Notify the Project Manager
Answer: D
Certkiller is capturing index-size cards with a document management system. Each document is
approximately 5KB. The retention requirement is six months. The document retrieval rates are highest
during the first 90 days of the document life cycle. Which document storage type would best fit Certkiller ‘s requirements?
Answer: C

A local library keeps many important documents relating to the historical landmarks in town. The documents consist of blueprints, photographs, and newspaper articles. The library wants to capture the documents electronically so they can be viewed online. The first concern of the person capturing the documents would be the:
A. color of the documents.
B. age and physical condition of the documents.
C. volume of the documents on file.
D. number of file cabinets.
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 34
What is a disadvantage of scanning all images at the highest resolution possible?
A. Higher expense
B. Lower quality
C. Small file size
D. Compatibility issues
Answer: A
A Purchasing Department is using terminal emulation software as a part of an enterprise accounting
system in a mainframe environment. They are planning to deploy an imaging subsystem that will allow
them to scan all invoices and bills of materials. Which of the following is the best integration technique that facilitates the use of information from a mainframe database as indexing data?
A. Screen Scarping
B. Forms Processing
C. VTAM communications
D. LU6.2 communications
Answer: A

The proposed project plan requires that documents must have a file plan and track all access attempts. What MUST be part of this solution?
A. A records management system
B. A storage management system
C. A scan subsystem
D. Annotation and redaction capabilities
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 37
One of the largest obstacles when implementing a Document Imaging System (DIS) is:
A. labor cost.
B. resistance to change.
C. difficulty of use
D. high cost of storage.
Answer: B
Which user interface feature would best serve a user that needs to quickly review a 10-page document to locate a drawing in the document?
A. Zoom
B. Redaction
C. Thumbnail
D. Full-text search
Answer: C

In order to scope out the document workflow of a prospective hotel client, the imaging consultant would perform which of the following actions?
A. Interview C-level management and a sampling of division heads to get their input on what the imaging solution needs to incorporate
B. Conduct a written survey only of all employees, mix-up the responses, and select random responses to represent the client needs
C. Consult with purchasing to determine what specification they would recommend given the project budget
D. Perform a dual track approach by conducting focus group interviews of decision makers and users, also follow up with direct observation of sample users in their work areas
Answer: D

What items need to be evaluated when choosing a scanner?
A. Interface, resolution, and paper handling
B. Documents, images, and storage medium
C. Resolution, compression, and memory
D. Workflow, ease of use, and productivity
Answer: A

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A technician is creating a batch script that auto-assigns a particular drive share to a drive letter upon login. Which of the following commands can accomplish this?
D. IPCONFIG Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: us/net_use.mspx?mfr=true
An office of 25 computers is interested in employing a file server, network shares, and print server functionality. Which of the following network setups would be BEST suited for this situation?
A. Ad-hoc
B. Workgroup
C. Domain
D. Token ring
Correct Answer: C Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: between-a-domain-and-a-workgroup
Which of the following terms BEST describes the software or hardware used to manage virtual machines?
A. Hypervisor
B. Cloud Server Manager
C. Supervisor
D. Virtual Disk Manager
Correct Answer: A Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: look-hypervisor-market/
A technician is required to change a setting for HKEY_Local_Machine. Which of the following would the technician use to change this?
B. WEP setup

Correct Answer: D Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which of the following Control Panel utilities will allow a technician to change the associated file type in a Windows XP machine?
A. Folder options
B. Administrator tools
C. Accessibility options
D. Regional and language options
Correct Answer: A Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which of the following keys, when pressed immediately after the BIOS test, will display Windows Boot Manager on a Windows 7 PC?
A. f2
B. f8
C. esc
D. delete
Correct Answer: C Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which of the following Windows 7 versions comes with the LARGEST number of multimedia features?
A. Enterprise
B. Home Premium
C. Professional
D. Starter Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A technician wants to know if a PC has an embedded wireless card. Which of the following tools should be used?
A. Device Manager
B. Component Services
C. Services
D. System Configuration Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A technician notices multiple disk errors in the Event Viewer. Which of the following tools would BEST diagnose this issue?
D. DISKPART Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which of the following BIOS boot methods allows a system to boot from a remote server?

D. SATA Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which of the following settings MUST be configured in order to turn on a VoIP phone?
A. PoE
B. Flow control
D. Duplex speed Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
In which of the following locations would a technician go to show file extensions?
A. Security Center
B. Folder Options
C. Display
D. System
Correct Answer: B Explanation Explanation/Reference: file-name-extensions=windows-vista
A technician needs to build a PC to act as a home virtual server. Which of the following would be the BEST choice?
A. Dual Core CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB of hard drive space
B. Dual Core CPU, 8GB DDR RAM, 1TB of hard drive space
C. QUAD Core CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB of hard drive space
D. QUAD Core CPU, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 1TB of hard drive space Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Virtual server hosts a lot of virtual machines that host various operating systems and applications. Therefore, you need maximum cores and memory to keep all the virtual machines humming properly. More cores and more memory means you can have more physical resources to create virtual resources that will be used to host virtual machines.
Windows XP Mode is available in which of the following Microsoft Windows environments?
A. Windows Vista Ultimate
B. Windows 7 Business Edition
C. Windows XP Professional
D. Windows Server 2008 R2 Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: mode-in-windows-7
Which of the following are true regarding Windows 32-bit versus Windows 64-bit Operating Systems? (Select TWO).
A. CPUs that can run Windows 32-bit can also run Windows 64-bit.
B. Device drivers for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit are the same.
C. Not all CPUs are capable of running Windows 64-bit.
D. Windows 64-bit can address larger amounts of RAM.
E. Windows 64-bit is a more secure OS and less susceptible to viruses. Correct Answer: CD
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: frequently-asked-questions
Which of the following statements is true about XP mode in Windows 7?
A. Windows XP mode was only available in Windows Vista and it is not available in Windows 7.
B. Only the Professional and the Ultimate versions support Windows XP mode.
C. All versions of Windows 7 support Windows XP mode when the feature is installed.
D. Only the Ultimate version of Windows 7 supports Windows XP mode. Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: mode-in-windows-7
Which of the following is true about a file when it is copied from an NTFS to a FAT32 partitions?
A. The file owner is preserved
B. All of the file permissions are lost
C. All file permissions must be reassigned
D. The file name becomes case insensitive Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: change-a-files-modified-date
If a customer wants to create a multi-boot PC with different editions of Windows, which of the following is MOST important to consider?
A. Using multiple partitions
B. Using multiple hard drives
C. Using a single partition
D. Using a PXE boot scheme
Correct Answer: A Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: operating-system-multiboot
A technician suspects that a recent virus they removed may have corrupted a necessary system file. Which of the following utilities can the technician use to verify the integrity of these critical files?
A. msconfig
B. sfc
C. regsrv32
D. fixmbr Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: us/system_file_checker.mspx?mfr=true
Which of the following System Tools would be the BEST one to perform a regular archiving of information on a PC?
C. Backup
D. System Restore Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: restore
Which of the following is the correct UNC path to use when mapping a network drive?
A. \\share\password
B. \\share\server
C. \\server\username
D. \\server\share Correct Answer: D
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: network-drive
Which of the following can be used to remove a virus from a computer?
A. Anti-spyware software
B. Anti-malware software
C. System Restore
D. Event Viewer Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Which of the following operating systems is capable of fully utilizing more than 4GB of system RAM?
A. Windows Vista Ultimate
B. Windows 7 32-bit
C. Windows 7 64-bit
D. Windows XP Professional Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: 7/4254
A /all switch is MOST likely to be used with which of the following commands?

Correct Answer: D Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A technician wants to create a customized list of common utilities that are easily accessible in the same location. Which of the following tools would allow them to build such a list?
D. MSINFO32 Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A technician needs to use a command line tool to determine the network name and the IP address of a resource. Which of the following command line tools will provide an IP address when given a name?
A. verify
B. Tracert
C. Ipconfig
D. Nslookup Correct Answer: D
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A user wants to configure their network to support VoIP. Which of the following would BEST support a VoIP installation?
A. QoS
C. Wake-on-LAN
D. VPN Correct Answer: A
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
A user has installed a legacy application in Windows 7 and reports that only some of the functionality in it is operational. Another user is using the same application on a different Windows 7 machine and doesn’t report those problems. Which of the following features in Windows 7 may be responsible for this problem?
A. System Protection settings
B. User Account Control
C. Action Center
D. Data Execution Prevention Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: control
Which of the following file system types is used primarily for optical media?
A. FAT32
D. CDFS Correct Answer: D
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
When moving files from a Microsoft gaming console, which of the following command line utilities is recommended to transfer files?

Correct Answer: B Explanation Explanation/Reference:
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A content management solution has been designed for a company. In order to complete the implementation it will be necessary to remove user access to the content management database for several hours a day for several weeks. How should this requirement be addressed?
A. Solicit the vendors’ input for the best times to conduct implementation tasks.
B. Solicit the solution owner’s input for the best times to conduct implementation tasks.
C. Redesign the solution so that all of the implementation can be handles in one 24-hour period.
D. Indicate to the solution owner that the best time for implementation tasks is 10 pm – 12 am daily.
Answer: B
An Implementation Plan for a new imaging application should contain which activities?
A. Forms design, create the document retention strategy document and layout the workflow rules and roles.
B. integrate the production imaging system into the exsiting netwoke,connect it with the legacy systems,upgrade all of the desktop computers.
C. Verify that images are delivered to the desktop, that the records are written in the database, and check that the images are stored on optical disks.
D. difine production producers,creat user and techcical documention,administration and plan the roll-out in the organization.
Answer: D

Who is most likely to determine the origin of the bottlenecks if the productivity of a new workflow system is
less than expected?
A. End-user
B. Help Desk
C. IT Department
D. System Integrator
Answer: D

A company, Certkiller Inc, is using 90% of its network capacity. They plan to scan 5,000 images per day to a network file server. In order to meet the increased demands on the system, which of the following should be increased?
A. The network bandwidth.
B. The number of scanners.
C. The number of network servers.
D. The number of users on the network.
Answer: A

A customer is implementing a workflow system with electronic dossiers. During the design of the workflow it has been discovered that there are many exceptions to the process. What is the first step in handling the exceptions?
A. Validate exceptions through a third party.
B. Get a commitment on the number of exceptions.
C. Redesign the workflow system to handle every exception.
D. Recommend to the client that business processed be redesigned.
Answer: D

All of the following are inputs to project schedule development EXCEPT:All of the following are inputs to project schedule development EXCEPT:
A. change requests
B. lead- and lag-times.
C. resource requirements.
D. resource availability.
Answer: A QUESTION NO: 7
The Human Resources department receives applications: 10% by fax, 30% by e-mail, and 60% by mail. All applications are two-sided forms. Applications received by mail must be scanned into the Document Management System (DMS). If 300 applications are received by the Human Resources department per week, how many images will be scanned per week?
A. 300
B. 360
C. 400
D. 600
Answer: B
A legal customer wants to place identifying marks on each document as it is scanned. What is the procedure commonly called?
A. Barcoding
B. Imprinting
C. Prefetching
D. Thresholding
Answer: B

A company is required to create a training class for a proposed Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). All of the following factors would be considered for end-user training EXCEPT:
A. the assessed skill level of individuals.
B. the document management needs of the organization.
C. the architecture of the network.
D. the current manual processes regarding documents.
Answer: C

A client wishes to establish a Document Management System (DMS) for handling a large volume of standard documents to be scanned. The client wants to enable search capabilities for certain information on the documents. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate solution?
A. Form recognition and entire document search
B. Form recognition and index search
C. Zonal OCR and entire document search
D. Zonal OCR and index search
Answer: D
Hospital management is implementing a document management system. Research has indicated that
nursing staff who will be using the system feel that they are understaffed and will not have time to enter
the data. However, when questioned it was found that the nursed did not really know what the system
was about. What key factor has been overlooked?
A. A proper public relations exercise was not carried out.
B. Access to a demonstration system has not been provided.
C. Management has not explained that the system must be used.
D. The end-uses have not been engaged in the entire process.
Answer: D

During discovery phase interviews with key personnel, a previously unknown critical document type is identified. What should the next step be?
A. Ignore the document type in order to avoid scope creep
B. Include the document type in the project scope
C. Document the discovery and complete a change order request form
D. Discuss alternatives to including the document type
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 13
A company has a single call center. It will introduce new products that will increase customer service calls. The company wants to handle an increasing number of calls without adding personnel or decreasing customer service levels. Which aspect of workflow technology should it consider?
A. Pre-retrieval of customer folders
B. Sorting of documents in a work queue
C. Load balancing
D. Work monitoring
Answer: A
Companies have always taken precautions with the physical security of their records. Which of the following security precautions is the most important when transmitting electronic documents over the Internet?
A. Digitally sign and watermark all documents before publication.
B. Limit access to the documents using encryption and authentication.
C. Limit access to the documents by implementing a firewall and HTTPS.
D. Require users to enter password and date of birth in order to access documents.
Answer: B

A proposed scanner uses TIFF Group 4 compression. What will be the average size of a black and white A4 sized (8.5 inches x 11 inches or 216 mm x 279 mm) document at 600 dpi (24 dots per mm)?
A. 50 K bytes
B. 180 K bytes
C. 210 K bytes
D. 380 K bytes
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 16
When reviewing potential software choices to propose to a client, the MOST important aspect to consider from the following is:
A. the price of the potential software solution.
B. how well the software meets the clients needs.
C. the cost of the annual maintenance agreement of the software.
D. how robust the software is.
Answer: B
During the presentation of a prototype, a customer realizes that it has left out a critical security component. The customer has already approved the software requirements. What is the appropriate next step for the consultant?
A. Ask the customer for a change request form.
B. Agree to make the changes needed at no cost.
C. Ask the development team to make the changes.
D. Inform the customer that no changes can be made.
Answer: A

A company would like to scan documents for disaster recovery purposes. Which system would be most appropriate?
A. Knowledge Management System (KMS)
B. Image Management System (IMS)
C. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
D. Storage Area Network (SAN)
Answer: B

Many of the documents to be scanned by a customer are sales invoices with a yellow background. A feature of the proposed scanning solution should include:
A. image enhancement.
B. deskew
C. color dropout.
D. color enhancement.
Answer: C
Certkiller revises several procedure documents every year. Multiple individuals review and revise these
documents before final approval. Which would be the best solution?
C. E-mail
D. Workflow
Answer: A

Certkiller accesses a host-based line-of-business application using a standard telnet session and terminal emulator, as well as accessing other electronic documents from their mixed network environment. Documents are typically scanned, routed between departments, and captured from the host print queues.
Which of the following is the most cost-effective solution to implement?
A. An RDBMS integrated into the system using EDI.
B. A host-based workflow system with imaging and COLD capabilities.
C. A custom developed mainframe-based system, including multiple high-speed scanners and printers.
D. A network-based document management system that will use screen-scraping to image-enable the host system.
Answer: B QUESTION NO: 22
A customer is performing incremental backups nightly. At the end of the month they review a list of documents that have reached their end of life and determine if they can be destroyed. Which of the following BEST describes the records storage management process?
A. The customer does not have a records management process.
B. The customer has an informal records management process.
C. The customer has a formal records storage management process.
D. The customer has a document capture process.
Answer: C
A company has contracted with a system integrator to implement a document management system that
includes custom development and integration with its legacy systems. What is the best way to confirm that the proposed system will meet customer expectations?
A. Review the company’s business process.
B. Conduct a software review based upon proof of concept.
C. Confirm the system’s capability during the training process.
D. Provide the customer with complete system technical documentation.
Answer: A
Which of the following are elements of a communication plan?
A. Ethernet and TCP / IP
B. Project charter and project plan
C. E-mail and FTP
D. All-hands meetings and intranet postings
Answer: D


A document that would address the repurposing or reorganization of staff, the benefits of a new system, and the increased market value of staff due to new skills is called a:
A. cultural change management plan.
B. project management plan.
C. human resource plan.
D. project objectives document.
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