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01. A variety of factors drive the target state of the business. Which of the following is not a factor?

A. Values
B. Mission
C. Vision
D. Client engagement

02. Which collaboration product can count meeting participants and provide analytics for usage and resource planning?

A. Cisco MX Series
B. Cisco Webex Board
C. Cisco Webex Room Series
D. Cisco TetePresence 1X5000 Series

03. Which term describes the capability to correlate security information and apply intelligence in order to understand context?

A. sophistication
B. breadth
C. integration
D. depth

04. A business capability consists of which of the following to enable the long-term strategy of the business?

A. Security, enablement, experience
B. Technology, expertise, process
C. People, tools, experience
D. People, process and technology

05. What types of collaboration endpoints are offered by Cisco?

A. phone, mobile, and virtual
B. phone, desktop, room, and mobile
C. desktop, room, and virtual
D. phone, desktop, room, mobile, and virtual

06. During which phases of protection would Cisco\’s Next Generation Firewalls be deployed?

A. after an attack
B. during an attack
C. before an attack
D. during and after an attack

07. What is a key benefit of Cisco\\’s hybrid services for collaboration?

A. Customers can utilize conferencing solutions with Cisco Webex while retaining control of their collaboration services.
B. Cisco manages all collaboration services so a customer\\’s IT resources can focus on strategic priorities.
C. Customers can choose multiple types of collaboration endpoints.
D. Customers gain the benefit of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution services while retaining ownership and control of their collaboration services.

08. What is Cisco Unified Fabric?

A. the latest technology that is used to power Cisco routers
B. the fabric that connects people, technology and business
C. a primary building block for cloud-based, virtualized, and general purpose data centers
D. a software based solution for data centers

09. Which solution offers complete collaboration for midsize businesses up to 1000 employees\\’?

A. Cisco BE7k
B. Cisco BE6k
C. Cisco UC1k
D. Cisco Jabber

10. What three key engines power Cisco DNA Center?

A. Identity Service Engine, Network Automation Platform, Encrypted Traffic Analytics
B. Identity Encryption Engine, Network Automation Platform, Network Data Platform
C. Network Control Platform, Network Automation Platform, Network Encryption Platform
D. Identity Service Engine, Network Control Platform, and Network Data Platform

11. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a network administration product that enables the creation and enforcement of security and access policies for endpoint devices connected to a company\’s routers and switches. Which of the following is not a benefit?

A. Control all access from one place
B. Destroy malware
C. See and share rich user and device details
D. Stop and contain threats


12. How do you define a business outcome?

A. a process of estimating future sales
B. a measurable result of an activity or process within the business
C. a plan that positions a company\’s brand or product to gain a competitive advantage
D. a strategy that sets out sales targets and tactics for the business

13. Cisco aims to transform IT operations with complete hyperconvergence. Which of the following is not a benefit?

A. Data acquisition
B. Always on-storage efficiency
C. Predictable performance
D. Independent scaling

14. Which is a unique capability of Meraki MX?

A. API-based management
B. Java-API console management
C. single pane of glass management tor full stack branch infrastructure
D. camer grade security for data centers

15. Cisco Catalyst 9000 is built for SD access. Which of the following are the features?

A. Fixed access, future-proofed and mobility
B. Convergence, fixed core and first in enterprise
C. Future-proofed, industry\\’s unmatched and first in enterprise
D. Fixed access, industry\\’s unmatched and first in enterprise


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